Mak Thuum N'Gatha

The Nine-Tongued Worm


Mak Thuum N’Gatha is an unfathomable creature from The Far Realm. He is, in fact, the only Far Realm being whose name is known at all.


Almost nothing is known about the Nine-Tongued Worm, except that he was named by both Salmon Battlebeard and the being who was probably Scott Bakula as the Far Realm entity behind the attempted invasion of the multiverse. It was on his instructions that the mad dwarf captured The Man Who Brings The Supplies and brought about The Worldstorm. It is believed that during the storm, Mak Thuum N’Gatha was hammering on the multiverse from outside, attempting to break in.

Whatever his intentions, it can be assumed that if Mak Thuum N’Gatha gets what he wants, it will spell doom for every denizen of every plane of existence, from men to gods, from devils to demons. If the Nine-Tongued Worm gets in, no one will be safe.

Mak Thuum N'Gatha

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