Landin Volus

Some damn son of a bitch.


Landin Volus was a merchant from Worldend who tried one too many times to profit from slavery.


Landin Volus was a merchant in Worldend. During the Battle of Worldend, he showed Tinway the cell in the emerald mines in which his beloved Valya had been imprisoned. Valya had already vacated the cell, but Landin betrayed Tinway by locking him in, intending to make him the first of a new slave labor force, which Landin would use to reopen the mines and recover the fortune he was losing with the fall of the Malveras.

Tinway was able to escape and defeat Landin and his minions, ultimately throwing Landin from a speeding mine cart. Landin later reappeared at Wanan Cross, arguing with Cane Wolfswift in the manner of someone who knew him well. When Bree, Tinway and Valya disrupted the bouts at the arena, Landin made his escape.

Landin was eventually revealed to be the boss of the Red Mountain Mine, working for Mr. Skullgaffin. He led a gang of monsters in battle against the party there, but was eventually thrown into a chasm by Stern. He has not been seen since and is presumed dead.

Landin Volus

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