Inquisitor Felabri

And Inquisitor of Iuon, Bree's mother, and Berensir's aunt.


High official at Mt. Acension and Bree’s mother.


A strained relationship has always existed between Felabri and Bree. However Felabri was instrumental in helping the party deal with the Torc of the Necromancer. Recently she was kidnapped by the minions of Acerak. The party eventually found her trapped deep within the Tomb of Horrors, and though they rescued her from her magical imprisonment, were unable to keep her from dying.

After the party destroyed the Infernal Clock deep within the Tomb of Horrors, time was altered and Felabri was brought back to life at Mt. Acension. She regards the whole incident as nothing more than a bad dream.

Inquisitor Felabri

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