Ilvara Mizzrym


Ilvara was the commander of Velkynvelve during the Evening Group’s imprisonment there.


The commander of Velkynvelve was an ambitious drow priestess looking to rise in the esteem of Lolth and of her own house. She considered command of a mere outpost a stepping stone in her ascension. The posting was beneath her, and she treated both it and her prisoners from the Evening Group with contempt. But she also knew the posting was temporary, and she intended to wring every advantage from it in the meantime.

She had taken Shoor Vandree as her lover in light of Jorlan Duskryn’s crippling injuries, leading Jorlan to conspire against the both of them. This conspiracy never went anywhere however, as Ilvara was killed by Abrioxiell as he and the Evening Group escaped captivity during a demon attack on Velkynvelve.

Ilvara Mizzrym

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