Honest Bob

Honest Bob may be the greatest thief that has ever lived.


Honest Bob is a thief and mercenary who describes himself as a “used horse salesman.” In actuality, he is a cutthroat for hire, prefering to steal than kill, but proficient at both.



What turned Honest Bob to a life of theivery and stabbing is unknown, but the fact that he often puts his own safety aside in order to go on adventures that, though profitable, are also dangerous and mostly for the benefit of others shows that he may not be all bad.

While most of the time, Bob’s thieving skills are appropriate to his background he has, on ocassion, performed absolute miracles of stealing prowess. For example, he once stole the beating heart out of a kobold’s chest without damaging the creature’s rib cage in any noticable way. Another time, when his companion was trapped in a necrotic duel, Bob was able to save him by literally stealing his soul back from the attacker.

Honest Bob has an unknown prior relationship with Urn Elrich. Though rumor has spread that Bob recently passed away, the party discovered this to be untrue. Since the events of the Tomb of Horrors Bob has rejoined the party. While away he has honed his leadership skills over the Shadow Academy and is eager to use them.

Honest Bob

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