Eilian the Old

A senior citizen from Winterhaven, Eilian would like you to know that he doesn't have any money.


The oldest man in the town of Winterhaven, Eilian is grateful to the adventurers for restoring his lost hearing.


This old farmer is a regular customer at Wrafton’s Inn in the town of Winterhaven in the Nentir Vale. Every night, Eilian takes a seat at a table in the corner. He has a farm down in the valley along the Old King’s Road. Eilian has an interest in Winterhaven’s history. He is a good source for local information, and he loves to talk.

The party first encountered him when they came to Winterhaven seeking, alternately, an alleged death cult in the area and the Book of Nerath, which was in the possession of a man named Douven Staul. Frightened by the tough appearance of the adventurers (mainly Stern), Eilian the Old repeatedly exclaimed that he didn’t have any money. He also frequently yelled “What?!” due to poor hearing.

Stern used his healing powers to restore Eilian’s ears, at which point the old man became very helpful, telling the party everything he knew about the history of local death cult activity. He also drew a map to a dragon burial mound which Douven Staul had been preparing to explore when he went missing. After taking this map from Eilian, Honest Bob then pickpocketed him, discovering that he did, in fact, have some money.

Eilian was later found to be running the Inn of Exposition far to the south of the Nentir Vale. He was turning quite a profit until the heroes inadvertantly destroyed the building while fighting the forces of evil.

Eilian was found murdered during the party’s interdimensional investigations at The Red Hook Rat but true to form he somehow recovered and appeared working as a ferryman for Benegrin, the alchemist, near the Swamp of Silence. He cringed when he saw the party approach.

Eilian the Old

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