Douven Staul

Douven Staul is eternally grateful.


Douven Staul is an explorer who discovered the long-lost Book of Nerath in his travels and was continuing to explore the Nentir Vale near Winterhaven.


When word got out that Douven Staul was in possession of the Book of Nerath, Parle Cranewing hired Honest Bob and Urn Elrich to take it from him, prompting their original quest to Winterhaven.

The matter was complicated when Bob and Urn fell into the company of Bree, a wizard and former cleric who had known Staul as a child and considered him a role model in her life as an adventurer.

The possible conflict of interest was resolved when it was discovered that Staul had been captured by Kalarel and his cult of Orcus. Bree, Bob and their companions slew his captors and freed Staul, who was so grateful that he gave the book to Honest Bob freely before departing for home.

The party has heard nothing of Douven Staul since he set out to return to his beloved wife.

Douven Staul

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