Dorbo Diggermattock

Leader of the mining expeditions in Blingdenstone.


Dorbo and his wife Senni Diggermattock led the expedition to resettle Blingdenstone ten years ago and since then, have become the de facto leaders of the burgeoning community of deep gnomes.


By deep gnome tradition, Blingdenstone is governed jointly by a king and queen, but the svirfneblin have had no true sovereigns while living as refugees for the good part of a century. Dorbo and Senni Diggermattock are talented miners, but they have become even more capable as community leaders. They spent years planning an expedition to Blingdensrone, paying adventurers to scout and keep an eye on the territory while they organized their people across the dwarven holds and surface-world cities that had received them.

After a decade of careful and determined planning, the Diggermattocks led a force back to Blingdenstone to reclaim it. While they have not yet been crowned, everybody treats them as the de facto rulers of the settlement.

Chief Dorbo oversees rebuilding industry, opening mines. and organizing patrols to explore parts of the ruined city that remain uninhabited by the svirfneblin. He is also responsible for rebuilding and commanding the new settlement’s defenses. Like most svirfneblin, Dorbo is serious and aggressive when dealing with outsiders: for all of that, however, he is also a loving and caring husband and a thoughtful leader of his people, devoted to the vision that he and his wife share of a Blingdenstone rebuilt and reborn.

Dorbo Diggermattock

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