"Rue" for short; "a pretty parrot"


Short for his kind, he is 4’6" and less than 100lbs.
His feathers are bright red except a ring around his neck of green feathers.
Rue’s mannerisms are of a curious and naive youth that belies his skill and knowledge.
He does not take offence at being called a female since he knows most humans can’t tell the difference between a hot-blooded male of his tribe (like himself) and the females.


As an Aaracokra, Creeyukooru was born on the Elemental Plane of Air, where he dwelt with his tribe on a floating island. When he was still a chick, most of his tribe were killed in a gargoyle attack.

Rue was thrown into a vortex, which spat him out into a field near a city, where he met a kind human girl. The girl brought Rue to her guild, where he was taken care of until he could find a way back. The guild, a thieves’ guild, taught Rue about humans and their ways, as well as the ways of the rogue.

When Rue finally returned home, he shared what he had learned with the remaining members of his tribe, who then broke away from Aaracokra tradition to interact more with other civilizations.

Rue’s life was upended again years later, when the Worldstorm disturbed the high-pressure clouds keeping his tribe’s home island aloft. The island fell into the storm and was apparently destroyed. Rue was not on the island, but witnessed its fall from the Wind Temple. The Wind Goddess met with him there, and informed him that his home had not been destroyed by the Worldstorm, but merely displaced within the multiverse. Even the Goddess did not know where.

The Wind Goddess sent Rue on a quest to find a place called Sigil, the City of Doors. There, Rue is to find a wizard well-versed in Planar lore who can help him find his lost homeland. With no idea how to find Sigil, Rue began traveling between human settlements on the Sword Coast, asking around, until he was captured and enslaved by the Drow of Velkynvelve.


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