Chloe Malvera

The brilliant and ruthless leader of the Malvera clan in Worldend.


Chloe Malvera was a prominent member of the Malvera Family of Worldend, back when that used to mean something.


Though initially antagonistic toward the party, Chloe was seduced by Urn Elrich on the day of the Battle of Worldend. She revealed to him (and later to the rest of the party) that The Resurrector was actually an aspect of Orcus whose mind and memory had been corrupted to make him unaware of his identity and ensure his fealty to the Malveras. She pleaded with them not to interfere, lest the Resurrector recover his memory and release the full evil might of Orcus upon the world. The party interfered anyway, but were able to banish the Resurrector back to the Abyss before he gained full strength.

Urn Elrich rescued Chloe from execution by an angry mob in the ruins of Worldend, and the two of them rode off together. Later, Urn rejoined the party claiming that he was “in the doghouse” with Chloe. Nothing more has been heard of her since.

Chloe Malvera

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