Chipgrin Goldwhisker

The leader of the Goldwhisker Clan in Blingdenstone


Chipgrin Goldwhisker is the leader of Clan Goldwhisker, a community of svirfneblin wererats living in Blingdenstone.


Chipgrin is an affable leader who seeks to bring peace between his wererat clan and the other deep gnomes living in Blingdenstone. He hopes to accomplish this by allying with the gnomes against the common enemies of Ogrémoch’s Bane and The Pudding King. When Turvy discovered the existence of Clan Goldwhisker, Chipgrin sent him on a recon mission into the Pudding King’s ooze-infested territory, solely as a test of character, for Chipgrin already knew the location of the Pudding King’s throne room.

When Turvy later led the Evening Group to a meeting with Chipgrin, he sent them back to the Diggermattocks with word that he would attend a war council to plan the Pudding King’s overthrow, and that he would provide the location of the throne room so that the head cut be cut off the ooze army. This was a historic first step in improving svirfneblin/wererat relations.

Chipgrin Goldwhisker

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