Cane Wolfswift

Former head of the Shadow Academy and complete a-hole.


Cane Wolfswift was the treacherous leader of the Shadow Academy.


Cane Wolfswift helped to create the Shadow Academy thirty years prior to the campaign with Honest Bob. When Bob refused to finish a job (assassinate a nobleman and his entire family, including his young daughters), Cane had Bob ousted from the organization and seized control. To add insult to injury, Cane kidnapped Bob’s own young daughter, Valya, and murdered his wife.

As the years passed, Cane would have intermittent meetings with Bob, demanding an ever-growing ransom for the safe return of his daughter – though Cane had no intention of fulfilling his end of the bargain.

Cane went on to sell Valya to a brothel in Worldend – where some years later she met up with Tinway. The Shadow Academy’s power and influence grew and at some point the brothel sold Valya back to Cane to pay its “protection” money. Valya spited Cane in the bedroom, and Cane had Valya’s eyes ripped from her, then he sold her into slavery at the emerald mines near Worldend.

The party first encountered Cane as they were escorting Princess Corvyre to meet her fiancee in Kandahar. Cane’s assassins kidnapped the princess and left the party at the mercy of the Imperial Guard, along with Honest Bob – whom Cane had manipulated into helping him with promises of reuniting Bob with his daughter.

Later the party surprised Cane in the Inn of Exposition. They captured (and very nearly killed) him. Cane vowed loyalty to them and divulged Mr. Skullgaffin’s plans. Cane was then put into the custody of Tinway and Bree. Cane tricked Tinway and Bree into freeing him, and he brought him to Wanan Cross – the initiation arena for all members of the Academy. He told them a story about investigating disappearances in a nearby dragonborn village.

Once there Cane betrayed Tinway and Bree and forced them to fight for their lives in the arena. Cane then thew the blinded Valya (who had infiltrated Cane’s organization on her own) into the pit as well; encouraging her to battle these “new initiates”.

Tinway and Bree were able to convince Valya of their motives, kill off the other combatants, and free themselves from the pit. After an extended, chaotic battle, Tinway, Bob and Valya were able to kill Cane. It was Tinway delivering the coup de grace.

Cane Wolfswift

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