A Derro who was imprisoned with the Evening Group in Velkynvelve


Buppido was a Derro, a race similar to a degenerate hybrid of dwarves and humans. They have rough, white skin with blue undertones and sporadic tufts of course tan or pale hair. Their eyes lack any visible pupils.

Buppido was imprisoned with the Evening Group by the Drow of Velkynvelve. He escaped alongside them. He was later revealed as a serial killer who had murdered party members. After the rest of the group was forced to kill him, Abrioxiell raised him as a zombie servant.


A male derro, Buppido was surprisingly gregarious and talkative, demonstrating a keen mind and disarming manner.

This pleasant facade concealed the soul of an insane killer. Warped and twisted by the dark forces at work in the Underdark during the demonic invasion, Buppido secretly believed he was the living incarnation of the derro god Diinkarazan—an avatar of murder offering bloody sacrifices to create a path of carnage through the Underdark for his people to follow to glory. He rationalized any setbacks (including his capture and imprisonment) as part of his “divine plan." His killings were carefully ritualized, following an exacting process of cutting open the victims and arranging their organs. Evening Group companions Prince Derendil and Khazrak were among his victims, though their murders were never solved until Buppido’s own death.

Although mad, Buppido was cunning and capable of hiding his true nature to serve his own ends. Because he believed he was a god, he was convinced that he couldn’t be killed (or at least that the death of his mortal form meant nothing to him), so he was completely fearless. He assumed everything was part of his divine plan, and enthusiastically participated in the plot to escape from the drow so he could continue his holy work. Buppido was happy to consider his fellow prisoners allies until such time as he no longer needed them, or became convinced that the omens pointed toward the need for one or more of them to be sacrificed to his greater glory – as with Khazrak and Derendil.

After the Evening Group slew the Pudding King in the tunnels of Blingdenstone, Buppido’s madness finally revealed itself, as he began using the Pudding King’s liquified body to create arcane symbols, apparently about to perform some kind of ritual to himself right in front of the other group members.

When Alcyce challenged Buppido, he became antagonistic, and the party was forced to kill him. Abrioxiell, scanning Buppido’s brain, realized his madness and his crimes.

After Buppido’s death Abrioxiell raised him as a zombie, and he has served as a mindless tool for the equally mad but less murderous illithid ever since.


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