A half-elf raised to be a cleric of Ioun, Bree has instead become an adventuring wizard.


One of the original members of the party, Bree is a young but powerful wizard and cleric.




Bree was raised in a monastery by her mother Felabri, a cleric of Ioun. As a young girl, Bree was inspired to a life of adventure by a visit from the explorer Douven Staul. It was then that she decided to study the art of wizardry and become a traveling adventurer.

Far from abandoning her faith, Bree still operates as a cleric of Ioun, though she tends to be seen as a wizard first by her companions.

Bree is a half-elf, and also the cousin of Berensir. It was with Berensir and their mutual acquaintance, Stern, that Bree first began her adventuring life. Shortly thereafter, Honest Bob and Urn Elrich were added to her list of companions. She would later do battle alongside many other companions, as well as catch the eye of the minotaur Born, whose feelings she does not requite.

At Mt. Ascension, the party met Bree’s mother Felabri, of whom Bree demonstrated something of an irrational fear. Felabri helped the party recover the Torc of the Necromancer (or perhaps they helped her). When the mission was completed, Bree demanded that the party flee the town in order to escape Felabri. When questioned as to what was so bad about her mother, Bree seemed unable to provide an answer. Determining that there must have been some sort of emotional abuse between the two, Born confronted Felabri, proclaimed that Bree was no longer her responsibility, and warned her to back off. Felabri reluctantly acquiesced.

Most recently Bree was key in destroying the Infernal Clock and stopping Acerak from returning to this world, though she had to die to do it. With time altered and the clock destroyed Bree has been restored.


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