Bram Darkstone


A dwarven king and friend to Salmon Battlebeard.


King Bram Darkstone is the king of Clan Darkstone and ruler of Darkstone Hall. He is known to be a good and wise king, and was formerly a fast friend of Salmon Battlebeard, who was his Royal Blacksmith for nearly 100 years. When King Bram’s seven year old grandson, the prince, died through his own carelessness in Salmon’s forge, King Bram banished his old friend from the hall. He knew the accident was not Salmon’s fault, but Salmon blamed himself anyway and King Bram could no longer bear to look at him. This precipitated Salmon’s corruption by the Far Realm and actions at the Red Hook Rat, though King Bram himself could not have known this at the time.

The Evening Group heard King Bram’s name again when they were imprisoned in Velkynvelve alongside Eldeth Feldrun, a scout from Darkstone Hall. They encountered King Bram in person several weeks later, as they escaped from the Underdark through Darkstone Hall to the surface. He welcomed them and thanked them profusely for bringing Eldeth home.

Three months after most of the party left, King Bram summoned them back to to Darkstone Hall to attend a council regarding the strange events in the Underdark.

Bram Darkstone

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