Berensir can shoot two crows out of the sky with one shot... but he may not be shooting at the right target.


Berensir is an elven hunter who has committed himself to a life of adventuring, setting off long ago alongside his cousin Bree and their friend Stern.



Picture046 Berensir is extremely capable in combat and has been a crucial contributor in almost every battle the party has fought. As a ranged attacker with deadly elven speed and accuracy, few members of the party can deal as much damage in a single move as the archer.

Berensir’s primary failing once came from naivete, which caused him to trust people he probably should not. In an early adventure, Berensir made the mistake of trusting the Necklace, which resulted in his own bodily possession by the demon prince Orcus, followed by the release of Orcus himself onto the Prime Material Plane. Since that time, the stalwart ranger has been far less trusting.

During the party’s most recent adventures in the Tomb of Horrors, Berensir’s sex was magically altered and he was a female elf for a short time. After destroying the infernal clock, Berensir was restored to being a male, though happy at being restored Berensir does miss his breasts.


Grasp of Orcus Berensir