Balgron the Fat

Balgron the Fat is a cowardly goblin who hid behind his underlings until they were all dead.


Balgron the Fat was the leader of the goblins under the command of Kalarel beneath Shadowfell Keep.


When all of his goblin companions were slain by the heroes, Balgron made a deal to give up information in exchange for being allowed to leave the dungeon alive. He held up his end, giving the heroes the correct password to be allowed onto the second level of the dungeon. The party members, however, decided to tie him up while verifying his claims, and left him that way while they continued their adventure.

Stern the paladin took issue with this decision, and made it clear that he intended to return and free Balgron, so that he would leave the dungeon alive as they had agreed. After defeating Kalarel and slaying Orcus, however, Stern was kidnapped by Tracker and dragged off against his will. The other heroes raced after him without a second thought for the goblin to whom they had given their word. For weeks, it was not known if Balgron escaped his bonds or made it out of the dungeon.

It was only during Stern’s Return to Shadowfell Keep that Balgron’s fate was discovered: the other goblins had blamed him for the defeat of Kalarel and his death cult, and had imprisoned and tortured him. When the drow had come to fill the power vacuum among the monsters in the area, they had taken over the torture of Balgron as well. With their superior skill at inflicting and prolonging pain, Balgron was kept alive and screaming for weeks. The drow priestess had even magically amplified the sounds of Balgron’s screams in order to instill fear in the other goblins and the rest of the valley.

When Stern learned this information, he resolved to fulfill his oath and free Balgron. Invading the drow-infested keep aided only by Ninaren, he was eventually able to rescue Balgron, who swore allegiance both to Stern and to Stern’s god Corellon, for any being who would singlehandedly attack a drow fortress just to fulfill a promise to a cowardly enemy must have a god greater than all others.

Balgron has not been seen since that day, but if he is true to his word, he is out somewhere doing good.

Balgron the Fat

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