The Platinum Dragon.


Bahamut, also called the Platinum Dragon, is the good-aligned god of justice, protection and nobilitiy.



He is the patron of the dragonborn and the good-aligned metallic dragons. He was created when the dragon god Io was split in half; the other half became Tiamat, patron goddess of the evil-aligned chromatic dragons. Wise, intelligent and good, Bahamut’s followers are metallic dragons and dragonborn, but humans also follow him.

He is stern and disapproves of evil, but kind and helpful to the downtrodden. His clerics and followers are taught to oppose evil and help those in need.

He appears as a long and sinuous dragon with platinum scales and blue, cat-like eyes of shifting color, ranging from dark to light depending on his mood. His realm is located in Celestia, the Radiant Throne. He sometimes wanders the earth as a frail old man, with seven yellow canaries flying around his head that are really the seven golden dragons who accompany him in disguise.

Bahamut was the family god of Stern and Saul’s parents, though neither boy grew up to worship him, their parents having died before they were old enough to choose their faith. When the party visited Shadowfell Keep and found themselves in battle against Orcus and his death priest Kalarel, Bahamut was one of two gods (the other being Corellon) who lent their power to the Transmogrification of Stern.


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