Auryon Taletreader


Auryon is an elven ranger from the land of Evereska.


Auryon’s older brother, Graros Taletreader, is the captain of the guard in her homeland of Evereska and well known in the forest for his feats of strength. Auryon has always lived in his shadow. Everyone in Evereska refers to her as “Graros’ sister” and she’s not even sure if anyone other than her commanding officer and platoon at her outpost knows her name.

She was gathering medicinal herbs to stock up the outpost where she is stationed when she was kidnapped by a drow raiding party and dragged to Velkynvelve, where she was then enslaved. Though she is frightened, part of her is also glad that this has taken place, since the adventure will give her the opportunity to make her own reputation and perhaps break free of Graros’ shadow.

Auryon Taletreader

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