Anton Ramondo

Is that even his name?


Anton Ramondo is a sorcerer claiming to be the mayor of a city called Bagelhorn. He doesn’t seem to realize that this gives him no particular authority outside of Bagelhorn.


Anton Ramondo has spent the last ten years of his life living under the name Matthias Hornbagel, mayor of Bagelhorn. In truth, Anton had killed the real Matthias during a pirate attack on the high seas, then assumed his identity. This all went fine until his old pirate captain Jacob Peterson showed up and outed him.

Anton was fleeing the city when he was caught in the Worldstorm and ended up stranded with the party at the Red Hook Rat.

After the events of the Worldstorm, Ramondo left the Red Hook Rat in the company of Uroq Mahwurld. They intended to travel together for a time, as they were both headed in the same direction. Before long, however, they were both captured by a drow raiding party and taken to Velkynvelve, where they and some other prisoners formed the Evening Group.

Anton later disappeared alone into the Underdark after accidentally blowing himself up and getting peed on by a wererat. He has not been seen since.

Anton Ramondo

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