Alistair Renard

A fox hengeyokai of mysterious origins who appeared and joined the party.


Alistair is a dark grey and silver fox with metallic blue eyes (a unique trait among fox hengyokai exclusive to him and his sister Selest). He is of a slender more agile build that comes with someone who spends more time in a book than strength training.


Alistair is a fox hengyokai born to the Renard family, one of the top elite houses in Worldsend. They are related to the controversial house of Malvera through extended marriage, a strategic move to ensure a strong presence in the cities politics and economy. Though the Renard family didn’t own any slaves themselves, their wealth was still greatly influenced by the city’s use of slave labor.

Alistair’s mother, *Marlu*, passed away to “illness” soon after he was born, he knows very little about her. This left Alistair and his sister, Selest, to be raised alone by their father *Fane Renard*. Like most children, Alistair viewed his father like a super hero. A strong and infallible businessman who ran a rare resource mining company. Or so it seemed…

His father was always caring and Alistair never felt a lack of love from missing a parent.  Both children were unusually powerful and Fane greatly encouraged their growth… Even at a young age Alistair’s natural talent for the mystical arts was obvious. One night during a function hosted by the Renard family, little anti-social Alistair had an emotional outburst causing a massive banquet table to flip with just his mind. Fane immediately sent Alistair to stay with a mystic hermit named *Ki*. There he spent many years in isolation training to control the mystical psionic arts.

After the uprising in Worldsend…both Selest and Fane are missing and presumed dead. When Alistair finally returned home to Worldsend, he found that the city had been thrown into chaos, his family ruined and all of it’s members dead or missing. Between looters and angry mobs his home was burned…nothing of his remained. After some investigation, he discovered that *Tinway*, a cousin of his, had lead a group of warriors in overthrowing the Malvera family. The ensuing anarchy left the elite families vulnerable and those that were lucky enough to flee the city in time may have been lost to the desert or were otherwise never heard from again.

Alistair has been searching for Tinway and his accomplices ever since.

Current relationship toward other characters:
- Born fascinates him. He observes and admires the minotaurs strength and tenacity like an astronomer would appreciate the power of a meteorite on a collision course with the moon. Alistair would never admit it… but he constantly compares his own ability against Born’s, secretly competing. Right or wrong he thinks he could take the bull… He also likes that he can usually hitch a ride on the bull.
- He is actually fairly indifferent to the rest of the team so far. Reiko was a hired tracker to help him find Tinway when they stumbled upon the team. He does have an invested interest in Bree’s child, both because he discovered that she was pregnant, and because it is a very unusual hybrid baby that fascinates him…he has a strange sense of responsibility for the baby.
- He took a liking to Wutdafoq because he reminded Alistair of his old mentor Ki

Other quarks and notes.
- He has a phobia of being dirty in anyway…except in bed. Get his fur dirty and you will find yourself quickly on his “revenge” list.
- Drinks Sake more than water. Hates beer.
- Will try to charm anyone that doesnt smell bad.
- Doesn’t know his mother was “Godborn”…and that his power may not entirely come from himself. (Could be useful plot point if they nerf the mystic…or reason to make him more powerful if he leaves the party…or just for fun).
- Fights for the challenge more than any noble purpose. He MIGHT care if an animal or child is truly in danger…or someone he is attracted too…
- Smells everything. Most of his perception comes in the form of smell. Bad smells don’t bother him but strong smells burn his nose.
- Stays in his hybrid form unless one of his other forms is needed.
- His crossbow belonged to his sister, a great archer, and his spear belong to his father. 

Alistair Renard

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