Acerak the Grand Lich

Single Lich seeks others to enslave


A powerful lich that controls many alternate dimensions. He has a personal vendetta against Honest Bob.


Acerak existed over 1000 years ago as a powerful human necromancer and wizard. He was also a high priest of Orcus and betrayed the elder demon by stealing some of his power. Acerak bound that power into an amulet. He also ruled a large region south of the Nentir Vale and enslaved countless villages into building his mighty fortress.

Acerak underwent the dark lich ceremony and became nearly unstoppable. He used his amulet to create the Infernal clock – a necrotic contraption that can bend and rewind time. 400 years ago Acerak opened a portal to a far dimension – planning to overtake that realm as well, but an unknown thief stole the magic amulet from Acerak just as the lich entered the portal. The portal shut instantly and trapped the lich in that far off dimension.

With his presence gone – his fortress sunk into the swamp of silence and became a cursed tomb for all of his servants within. This tomb later came to be known as The Tomb of Horrors, and every six years resurfaces for only a few days. Though Acerak can’t directly interfere with this reality, like Orcus, he has great influence and his wraiths do much of his bidding.

The party ventured deep within the Tomb of Horrors to retrieve Bob’s amulet, the key to releasing Acerak from his inter-dimensional prison, and eventually faced Acerak’s construct. They destroyed the construct, and with great effort, manipulated and destroyed Acerak’s Infernal Clock. Acerak’s return has been stymied but he vowed revenge. For the Lich is undying and he has all the time in the world….

Acerak the Grand Lich

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