Abrioxiell is an Illithid – a Mind Flayer – part of a race of monsters descended from Far Realm immigrants. Illithids reproduce by placing tadpole-sized offspring into the skulls of other creatures. Those creatures are then irrevocably altered by Far Realm emanations as the young Illithids slowly eat their brains. By the end of the process, the two entities have merged to form an adult Mind Flayer. During Abrioxiell’s gestation inside a particularly devout cleric of Pelor, something went amiss, and he grew to adulthood despising the evil ways of his kin. He is, in fact, hopelessly insane by the standards of a mind flayer, which is the only reason he is capable of engaging in meaningful communication with other sentient races. Normally, the thoughts and motivations of an Illithid would be too alien for a human or elf to fathom, but Abrioxiell’s madness actually makes him lucid to other races. To his fellow mind flayers, however, he is a raving lunatic, coherent only in rare moments of “clarity.”

He hates eating brains, despite the fact that his race must do so to survive. He limits himself to the brains of non-sentient creatures whenever possible, but even then he feels shame for his actions. When he eats the brain of a sentient being, he tries to make sure it is an evil being, or at least an enemy. Even then, he feels intense self-loathing after the fact. For this reason, he keeps a tight reign on his impulses, even going so far as to keep one eye closed at all times… because that eye is pointed backwards at his own brain, which he is watching intently to make sure it behaves.

By training, Abrioxiell is a wizard, but this is to hide his true dream – which he finds embarrassing – to become a cleric of Pelor.



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