Grasp of Orcus

The Otherworld Saga - Session 7

Zizi had approached the Siren and telepathically asks, “Mother?” Jaq runs after Zizi and asks if Zizi is charmed. Zizi says that that song that the Siren is singing is the same song Zizi’s mom used to sing. Everyone but Delebon gathers closer. Delebon goes the long way around and nearly trips something but gets past it without damage. Jaq tells everyone that Zizi thinks the siren is its mom but it can’t be. Jaq turns to Zizi and says, “I’m getting tired of you Zizi. I am trying to find Uroq and you are not doing anything to help. Neither here nor there. So, if you are my friend, you will come with me.” Rahd announces that he may have a way out. Also, why not ask the Siren. Abe asks via telepathy if Zizi is their child. The siren replies that they do think they have children.

Rahd tries to contact a higher plane but his brain fails under pressure. He falls into madness. Everyone asks Abe why Rahd is talking gibberish. Abe explains a spell backfired and he needs to sleep it off. Obi-tu asks if there is a safe place to rest. “Probably not here.” How do we get to a safe place? “I cannot say.” Trib turns to Rahd, then shakes her head and turns to Abe and asks if he can tell if she is under a spell. Abe cannot discern anything.
The siren asks what is going on with their day. Trib starts ranting about everything that has happened so far. When she mentions the Sylph, the Siren’s eyes widen. Trib asks if they are being hunted. The sylph dips into the waters and comes back up, “I cannot say.”

Trib asks if they are prevented from answering. “Possibly.” Abe tries some magic that doesn’t have effect. The group asks Zizi if their mom is also a cat and Zizi doesn’t remember. The group tries several tacts. Is this cave made of rock? “Yes.” Would you like to go somewhere safe? “Possibly.” Can you get to somewhere safe? She smiles and says, “That is not known to me.” If we gave you an order, would you follow it? “Possibly.” Abe points out that the buzzing is being held back by the siren so DO NOT SEND AWAY. Abe tries to read Rahd’s mind. Finds that the buzzing is demons but don’t control the siren. The group goes over the clues found so far. The group asks if the Siren is any of the named people in the clues? How do we escape? Etc. The group reviews what has happened, and tells the siren that they sent the sylph to Rahd’s tower. Abe asks how, hypothetically could Zizi sing instead of the Siren. “That is unknown to me.”

Rahd figures out that he can pee a message, but due to the limited medium, can only make one word. “SLEEP
Abe decides that we should sleep for now. Abe and Delebon stay up for first watch. Del goes to a corner and sits there for an hour. Abe gets concerned and does an arcana check. Del is saying something magical. He asks if Del is ok. Del says yes. Abe believes Del. Del comes back.

Trib suddenly wakes and asks the siren “Isn’t it nice to think about family sometimes?” “Possibly.” “Isn’t it funny how life can change, and we end up looking different. And it’s interesting how our paths are shaped by ourselves, but sometimes shaped by others.” “I agree.” “I like to set my own path, personally. Decide where I wanna go, who I wanna be.” “I wish I could do that.” “Doesn’t everybody, really? But sometimes that takes_ force of will_, or_ money_, or_ friends_, or_ resources_ to do it.” “Friends are useful.” “That they are! And it takes a lot to_ recover_ from what people do to us.” “Sometimes it is very simple.” “True! Sometimes it is very simple. Like what is being sung in your face?” “Or maybe say it?” “Uh…Abe? Help? Hmmm… sometimes we have to speak it into existance! Don’t you hate it when people write things about you? Like a couple rooms back there was something that said illusion is what imprisons her, but her freedom will give you the answer. Is there any illusions here that trap you?” Abe casts detect magic and looks around. While he is looking, Trib spins to the siren and shouts, “Siren, I grant you your freedom!” The siren steps out of the water and turns into an elfin woman. Trib mutters, “Wow, that was easy!”

As the 7’ woman steps out, the buzzing stops. The siren hugs Trib and thanks her. Then she turns to Zizi and says, “Zidania? Is that you??” Trib wakes Jaq for this. The siren says that they should rest. The doors are sealed and they are safe… for now. Trib pulls out a dress and tries to figure out if her short dress can cover the tall woman. The woman rips it and wraps it around herself. Trib asks how she ended up in that pool? “They place me here. Whoever that was in a mask. And Enke was here and experimented on me. But I’m not what they were looking for.” Trib asks if they are an elf or something else. “I was a human. They changed my ears to make me look more like them.” Delebon mutters in the corner. Trib decides it is time to sleep.

Zizi comes up to the siren, “Mother?” “Zidania, it is you!” The siren picks up the cat, “They turned you into a cat…” She holds Zizi and walks to a corner and cries while holding Zizi. They began talking with each other. Trib shouts from across the room, “Zizi, I grant you your freedom!” Zizi meows and nothing happens. The party rests and updates each other on what happened.

The siren points to the door and tells the group that it is a way out, but she doesn’t remember how she, herself, got there. The way out is through Terrania’s lair. She must have betrayed us and taken the offer of immortality. Zizi tells Jaq that she does care, and she will go with the group. The siren says her name is Alicia. The group asks if her sister is Sylphia the sylph. She confirms. They were taken because they had special attributes. Rahd gets his book back from Abe, who borrowed it and his casting materials from Trib, who filched it. Abe summons a familiar that looks like a skeletal, white raven.

Rahd suggests that they make a tunnel straight up to escape to the surface. Trib tells Alicia that there is a mummy lord who let the group leave after a battle. Ralderaz was looking for Zeradlar and then they fought a third mummy lord. Alicia tells the group that Ralderaz used to be Terrania’s boyfriend. If he is a mummy lord, they must be in his lair. That means if any of the magic users try to use divination, it would be interrupted or painful. Rahd agrees and says that with 3 mummy lords, would it be more trouble. Alicia says that there can only be one mummy lord, the others must be interlopers. Trib points out that we still have Ralderaz’s necklace.

Rahd again suggests that the group attempt a vertical shaft to freedom. Others are against it and just want to use the door. Rahd tries to see 300ft above but hits a barrier and takes damage. Obi-tu asks Alicia if she knows Aramil or Uroq. She says no. They ask what happened to Zizi, and Alicia explains that she was experimented with the powers of gods. She may be able to be saved by a magic lake that restores souls. The group passes through the door and finds three statues. Each seems to take a “key”, which corresponds to the three gems we found. We place them with the corresponding statues and pass through the portal that opens to the side of the statues.

They appear in a room with a door. Jaq tries to kick down the door. Rahd looks through the keyhole and sees someone looking back. Jaq tries to slam open the door using his ram-powered magic ring. Abe and Rahd tries to stop him and fails. The door is still shut and unaffected. Rahd opens the door with his regular hands. Jaq chases down the man to prevent his escape. Jaq dodges a trap and follows the person up a stairwell. The group follows them into a room covered in sticky web material. The man throws something and keeps running.

Jaq and Obi-tu catch up to the man. Rahd uses his broom to avoid touching the floor. Inside the room is a pool with vapor rising from it that smells like vanilla cookies, and a stair between two pillars leading up to where Jaq is tackling some dude. Trib preps to attack, Del hangs back and waits to see what happens. Rahd tries to detect magic and moves closer to the tackled dude. He can sense the man is using abjuration magic and recommends shushing him. Abe touches the water in the pool. It is brothy water. Abe then makes a tower of undead. Mortimur gets shot and dies. Trib moves into the room and hides with weapon drawn. Delebon smells the water but doesn’t enter the room. Rahd recommends not killing the man. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices that an arrow shoots out from behind a pillar. He activates his safety hamsterball. He points to the other party members where he was shot from. Obi-tu attacks the man hiding behind the pillar. Jaquiche tries to incapacitate the man he tackled. Abe extends his hand and sprays poison into the face of the man Obi-tu had attacked. The man dies a terrible, painful death. Rahd gets slightly freaked out.

The Otherworld Saga - Session 4*
Where We Use Our Words, Not Fists... Kinda

The large mummy lord screams, “Zaridar! I will destroy you!!

The group attacks the mummy lord, triggering the a slime to attack. The slime was later named Eggbert Slime II. Jaquiche grabs an amulet from the neck of the mummy lord. Behind the group comes two undead monsters. Abrioxiell casts a pit of tentacles to hold them in place. Delebon goes to fight the two newcomers while the rest of the party focus on the mummy lord. A couple of the party members attempt to talk to the mummy lord as they attack. Rahd opens a hole beneath the mummy and the forces the mummy into it. Jaquiche puts on the amulet and something weird happens to him with black veiny stuff appears on him and then recedes. All but Delebon see this.

The group continues fighting the Eggbert and the mummy lord. The mummy lord demands “WHERE IS HE” Abrioxiell tries to detect thoughts and finds out that it is sentient, and is mostly thinking angrily of something that looks like himself. The group continues fighting and trying to talk with the mummy lord. The mummy lord does not respond except to demand where is he.

Trib tries to use her powers of persusion to convince him to stop. It does not work. The mummy blinds Rahdimur and moves to between Delebon and the two wizards. Rhadimur tries to put him in a bubble but fails. Nia blasts him with a radiant light and then vacates the area.

Abrioxiell steps up to the mummy lord. He says “Hold still, we are trying to help you.” and casts mind blast. Delebon is caught in the blast but resists. All the monsters are stunned from the blast. Abrioxiell tells them that he wants to help but they need to stop hurting the group. The mummy lord tells him that if they are his allies, they will tell him where the one he seeks is. Delebon leaves the melee range and stands between the mummy lord and the wizards.

The monks finish off the slime in an epic punch that vaporizes it and regroups with the rest. Trib attacks the two regular sized undead. Rahdimur casts the nullifying bubble around the mummy lord and succeeds. Rahdimur asks that the mummy lord calm down and talk this out. The group tries to find out from the mummy who is the mummy looking for, what is going on, etc. One of the smaller undead dies from the tentacles and the other dies from hellish flames extending from Trib. Obi-tu asks the mummy lord who he is. The mummy lord responds that he rules this domain, the Golan Caves. TBC

The Otherworld Saga - Session 3*
Owl and the Pussycats

Rhad casts a protection spell so everyone can relax and sleep undisturbed.

Short break for DM led heart-to-heart of what each of our characters think/feel about each other. Info is to be kept on a meta level. Very hilarious insights and reactions ensued.

After the rest, the party looks at the bones again before backtracking. Abe takes one hand, and we throw the other down the endless well. Trib takes a look around while the rest goof off. There is a hidden door.

After disabling traps, the group finds a hallway with a chest and a slime. Jaq runs on the ceiling, tries to grab the chest but finds it stuck to the ground, AND THEN PUNCHES IT OUT OF THE GROUND. He then returns with it to the group who begins fighting the slime (who we named Bob the Gelatinous Pee Puddle). We defeat the Bob, find out the chest has snakes and..

The Otherworld Saga - Session 2
Everyone but Zizi aka Stop Touching Things Jaq

Trib calls for the group to calm down and not fight, which was surprisingly successful. Everyone asks where Zizi is, to which Rahdimur assures everyone that Zizi will catch up….. later. The group heads back to the original room to investigate the other doors that they hadn’t passed through.

While they look at the doors, a sound is heard near the hole. Zizi is seen angrily sitting near hole. Jaquiche eagerly greets her only to be hissed at. Rahdimur tries to read her mind, but only gets a lot of swear words and anger over rejection and abandonment.

The group takes a rest. They hear a moaning sound from one of the doors during said rest. Trib goes over, very careful to not to touch the door. Jaquiche comes up behind her and touches the door. There was a magical, runic sigil flashes and disappears. Abe warns everyone that the door is unwarded and there is undead on the other side. The group gets up to investigate. A couple of them hear singing from the adjacent door.

Abe sets up a barrier, Delebon sits watch, Trib finds an advantageous angle to defend from, and the rest continue resting. Except Jaquiche and Zizi, who have a heart-to-heart about what happened. At the end of the rest, Abe puts an arcane lock on the door that all of the group but Jaquiche can open.

After collecting themselves, they pass through the door and into a hallway. It is dark and stinky. Obi-tu, Jaquiche, and Rahdimur trip a grease trap, but escape unharmed. Then they trigger a fire trap at the bottom of the grease trap. They escape that too. Delebon sets up a rope to go down with. The rest of the party follows them down, disarming the traps so they won’t reset. They continue on.

The hall expands into a large cavern containing a stone coffin. The two rogues see no danger but encourages Jaquiche to go first. The wizards send Mortimer the owl familiar to look ahead instead. There is a pile of bones that start to move. Battle!

The tall, skeleton Frankenstein of bones has a glowing sigil on its forhead. Trib pops it in the sigil with a crossbow bolt and runs for cover. The creature attacks Abe. Nia and Obi-tu hits, and Abe warns that it is under the control of another while spellcasting at it.. Rahdimur adds that it is a necromatic seal and the sigil stands for “R” while layin’ on the hurt. Delebon burns it with a green flaming blade, landing the killing blow.

Trib yells “Hey, elf buddy! There’s some elvish writing over here!” Delebon cringes and hollers back “Did you check for traps over there?” Trib checks for traps around and on the sepulcher. The sarcophagus is empty of dead but contains a golden goblet, emerald stone, a leather belt, a dagger, and a ring. Everyone gathers around. Trib asks Abe and Rahd what is this stuff. They confirm it is magical. Jaquiche grabs the ring and puts it on. Everyone dives away and finds cover. Nothing seems to happen. Delebon cautiously approaches and starts yelling at him and grapples him while Rahd magics the manacles on. Rahd finds that the ring, dagger, and belt are magical in nature. He picks up the belt, Trib picks the emerald (sneakily), Nia picks the dagger, and Delebon picks the goblet.

Trib finds a paper stuck to the bottom of the emerald. It is written in elvish. Delebon turns around to find the elvish writing on the wall: Illusion is what imprisons her, but her freedom will give you the answer. He shares what it says with the group. Trib sidles over and asks if Del will translate a letter from a dear friend of hers. Del is skeptical but reads it. Afterwards, he turns to Trib and tells her she is full of BS and doesn’t share what it says. Rahdimur asks to read it and makes it clear that he will read it aloud.

“I promised to keep your heart and love forever, if only forever will allow me to remember. Immortality and power have cursed us. The lord of magic is indeed the god of mischief, and our deal with him has come with a price. There is now no redemption for us, and I have betrayed my sisters. Sylphia and Alicia will never forgive me. We were entrusted with the obsidian tablet of the forbidden fruit. It is said that it contains a secret that will change everything. But alas, I am not the Chosen one who can unlock its power. But the One is coming and I will be waiting. When that day comes, I promise: you and I will taste freedom. May you rule well in Golan Caves. Apprehend the prophesied interlopers. Find the betrayer and deliver the chosen. To Enke be the glory. -Terrana, Queen of Golan Heights”

The group considers the new information. Delebon suggests that this may have been written to the Sylph’s master. Rahd strongly disagrees. He compares the writing on the new letter to what was previously found and doesn’t believe them to be by the same author.

Abe tries to raise a skeleton from the dead monster conglomeration. It doesn’t work. Rahdimur identifies the magical items. Ring of fire resistance, belt of acid resistance, and dagger of +1.

Part of the group looks into the further reaches of the room. There is another hole. While they move closer, two monsters bust out of the ground and attack. Abe calls dibs on one of the creatures. The group fights and lands some strong hits before one of the creatures attempts to curse some of the party members. Abe attempts to kill it but he fails. Nia finishes off one just as the other seriously hurts Delebon. Rahd pops open a door to a demiplane underneath the remaining undead monster and traps it there.

The group agrees to a long rest and agrees that that battle was crazy.

The Otherworld Saga - Session 1
Are They in the Upside Down?

Jaquiche and Obi-tu appear in the portal pool. Neither recognize each other. There is no one else in the room. Jaquiche inspects Obi-tu and offers to shake hands. Jaquiche tries to flip Obi-tu and Obi-tu reflexively counters. Obi-tu introduces himself and Jaquiche, who doesn’t remember who he is, assumes he is like Obi-tu.

Zizi walks up and Jaquiche asks who they are. Zizi responds that she finds it interesting that he doesn’t remember.

Jaquiche and Obi-to cross staffs in friendly camaraderie and walk to the table. Jaquiche can see a northern door, and eastern door, and a well. After moving closer to the well, he noticed a large door. They toss a rock into the well.

~The large group

As Delebon opened the door, there’s a skittering sound behind the group. There was a rock that came out of the well and landed a couple feet from the well. Everyone pauses for a long second. The old man, who remembers that his name is Rahdimur, sends his floating eyeball down the well again. There is nothing different.

~The monks duo

Obi-tu makes a torch so he can see. Jaquiche and Zizi are looking at the well.

~The large group

After determining that it was weird but nothing to be done about it, the group goes ahead and opens the door. There is a shelf extending from the doorway and ending in a drop off. To the side is a wooden ladder. Rahdimur flies on a broom down to the floor beneath the drop off.

A couple of rust monsters come out of the darkness and attack. While Rahdimur fights the two, another comes out of the dark. Trib runs forward and shoots a rust monster. The tentacled person, who’s name is Abrioxiell, shoots a ray of frost and eats the soul of the rust monster. He reels and starts convulsing after consuming the soul. Delebon sees this and gets freaked out. Rahdimur turns his magic vision and sees Abrioxiell’s souls trying to split and seperate before reforming into a single soul.

There is a sound of another rock coming out of the well. Delebon and Trib go to investigate. Rahdimur can see from his new vantage that the room extends into a hallway. He sends a ball bearing down into the well via Mortimer the owl.

~The monk duo

Jaquiche and Obi-tu travel through some already opened double doors and down the drop. There is several decayed husks that are of long dead monsters. They walk down the hallway that leads off of the room.

~The large group

The group goes down the hallway and finds another double door. Rahdimur sends his eyeball into the room through the gap under the room. There are two gargoyles on pedestals and a chest in between them. Trib and the silver skinned woman check for traps and then the group moved into the room, with Delebon leading the way. Delebon starts attacking the gargoyles that came to life. The group fights the gargoyles and win. Abrioxiell tries to eat the souls and again experiences agony and starts twitching.

The group checks the room for traps and open the box. After more investigating more, they discover a mirror in a box in the box. Rahdimur casts identify on the mirror and discovers that it is the mirror of unveiling, which allows you to see beyond this reality. You can use the reflection to see into another place.

~the monk duo

The two monks and Zizi find an open door, two broken statues, and an open box. On one of the statues, they find a collar. There is a couple gems on the collar, and a slot with a parchment in it.


The two monks notice a switch on one of the pedestals. A box pops out of the stone. They open it and dodge the darts that shoot out. Inside the box is a mirror. They look into the mirror and see the room they are in but upside-down.

~The whole group

The group, through much struggle and difficulty, manage to communicate through sight without sound, and use the mirrors to create a portal to allow the two monks through. Sadly, Zizi got left behind. Rahdimur assures Jaquiche that Zizi will catch up.

Trib takes the gems off of the remaining collar. The group discusses how they got there. In the process, Rahdimur finds that he can’t read Delebon’s mind. The monks starts to try a handshake-throw on the rogues at the same time that they try to pickpocket. Both fail and tensions rise.

Rahdimur casts contact another plane, and contacts a local deity who recognizes Rahdimur and tries unsuccessfully to cut off the connection. He asks why he can’t read Delebon’s mind. The deity responds that it is because of something Delebon has. There is a giant influx of power as the deity inspects Rahdimur. Rahdimur asks if he can trust Delebon. The deity responds that Delebon is wondering if he can trust Rahdimur and the deity begins to cast a spell. Rahdimur asks why Delebon is so commited to hiding things about himself. The deity responds that he is sworn to it. Rahdimur turns to Abrioxiell and declares that he won’t question another’s oaths and breaks off the spell.


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