Grasp of Orcus

The Moaning Forest - Session2
In which our heroes have a picnic, become grave robbers, exorcise a ghost, and smash spiders.


After spending the night in their new clubhouse, the party awakened to Bob yelling that he was ate for an important date and pulling out his magic amulet. Reiko immediately grabbed Bob’s cloak and was swept away with him. As the portal was closing, Valya came stumbling out of it.

The group cleared out the basement of its foul victuals, and made preparations to depart their new clubhouse. Bree collected poisonous plants from the hags’ garden and also checked the treasure found in the pit. Since Honest Bob was the first one to find the treasure, the group was uncertain what he might have claimed without them knowing. However, one of the items left behind was an amulet bursting with necrotic energy. Unsure of the best way to dispose of the amulet, Bree called upon her goddess Ioun who promptly replied “Holy Fire.” The amulet was taken outside and destroyed by Bree’s sacred flame.

Valya double-checked the ethereal plane to find the hut clear of dark influences. The adventurers also checked on Minnie Noble,finding her no better, but no worse.

The party finally decided to get on their way, haphazardly locking the door and departing. Bereft of their ranger, the group pooled their experience to find a small trail leading away from their clubhouse. “Lights Out” Sullivan, eager to collect new material for his vile vial of hazardous ingredients, once again enthusiatically picked a toadstool that paralyzed him. Needing a mule for the cart, Bree kindly healed him.

Hearing what could be the babbling of water, the group wandered down the trail until they came upon a beautiful grove of trees. Valya saw an entrance and lead the group through, whereupon they saw a large pond with fish, trees with succulent-looking fruit, and soft grass. It was quite peaceful, and the calm of the grove was in contrast to the howling and moaning of the rest of the forest.

It seemed make an ideal campsite, and Sully and Valya, seeing that the sick child was in need of some care, began to fish and gather fruit. Truetongue, feeling a strange energy around the copse was wary of the bounty, but Sully immediately volunteered to taste test the food. He suffered no immediate detriment. It was at this point that Bree finally determined that the energy was druidic in nature and that the food should be safe. However, the party was still suspicious of the peaceful nature of the grove, and inspeced the campsite more closely. They noticed mounds around some of the trees’ roots, nine in number. Sully dug one up only to find the arm of what appears to be a small humanoid, possibly goblin.

Bree, alarmed, begian looking for an exit and also offered up some gold to the unknown owner of the grove. Truetongue and Valya offered up a song. Bree eventually found what appeares to be an exit.

Truetongue, however, saw an opportunity and prevailed upon the others to dig up some of the mounds. They did not dig up all the mounds due to time, but they did find some coin, an ocarina, a woodland staff, and a pewter decanter with strange markings. In one mound they found what appeared to be druidic clothing and a book. Sullivan immediately poured some wine into the decanter and drank from it. Nothing happened. Upon closer inspection, Bree noticed Elenestra’s symbol on the decanter.

She also noticesd the same marking on the book, which was written in an ancient high elven tongue. Unfortunately, the book was unreadable without a cipher.

Finally deciding to continue their journey, the group moved toward the exit, only to find that the way was blocked by a large plant-like creature with many vine-like arms. After a fierce battle that ended in fire, the adventurers defeates the creature. As it lay dying, an apparition of a druid burst forth and slowly faded into the ether.

Now free to leave, the fearless companions ventured forward once more. As the day progressed, it was apparent that another spring storm waa is about to materialize. They decided to make camp early and fearing flashfloods, the party hammocked the cart to the trees on the trail. The rain did not last long, but they set up watch and slept in the cart. During first watch, Sully saw strange eyes peering through the gloom and immediately threw rocks at them. A cluster of giant spiders attacked the group. Valya, Bree and Sully valiantly fought the menace without the aid of Truetongue, who had mysteriously disappeared. (Sully appeared unworried by this occurrence).

Though the spiders outnumbered the party, our fearless friends easily smashed the spiders to smithereens.

Many hours later, Truetongue nonchalantly wandered back to the camp just in time for his watch. It turns out Truetongue had returned to the grove to dig up the rest of the mounds. Whether he tells the tale of what treasure he found and his valorous escape of a small spider to the rest of the party remains to be heard.

Out of the Abyss, Session 10 (2/2)
Laughter is the Best Poison


They killed Ogremack, with much laughter and ineffectual cutting. Glabagool was moonstruck and Auryon was simultaneously inspired and creeped out by Uroq. They succeeded and no party members died. Here’s the Youtube link:

Out of the Abyss, Session 10 (1/2)
Deus Ex Machina Maxed


Found the myconid refugees, with many Orcus minions in the way. Winds of Jaquiche killed them after Creenyukooru repeatedly failed to sneak attacked them. Rue had his soul sucked out and Jimjar proved himself a steadfast ally. Rue was turned into a ghoul, killed, and brought back to life by an experimental healing potion belonging to a fellow victim of the Devourer. However, Rue gained the affinity to undead and did not level with everyone else. Here’s the video:

Out of the Abyss, Session 8
A Flair for the Dramatic

Blingdenstone was bright, warm, and dry. The contrast between the drow or kuo-toa town and Blingdenstone were stark. The guards surrounded and escorted the group into the city. As the group walked, their escort kept their hands on their hilts, watching warily.

Alcyce smiled at each and every guard that made eye contact. Her jovial," May Eilistraee bless your day!" reverberated through the hallways. The addressed guards would nod or respond with their own deity’s blessings. Alcyce stopped and asked one guard where trade happened in Blingdenstone. The guard led the group to the Trader’s Grotto. Jimjar was still running from guard to guard, assuring each in turn of the group’s trustworthiness and how they escaped the drow.

The group of adventurers entered into a semi-natural cavern filled with what appeared to be petrified fungi. Abrioxiell noticed that they were magically petrified by a misfired spell. The group split into different directions, keen to buy and sell goods at the stalls set between mushroom stalks.

A bell tolled from the direction of the entrance. A guard ran into the cavern but was engulfed by a gelatinous cube. Another one appeared next to it. Everyone in the cavern froze in shock. Then chaos broke loose.

Aramil ran forward, drawing his bow. He leapt from a boulder and shot over the crowd and into the enemy cubes. Alcyce prayed a blessing onto Aramil, Rue, and the guard stuck in the cube. The brief thought that blessing Abrioxiell might hurt him crossed her mind as she, too, shot a gelatinous cube. Uroq rushed towards the cube with the entrapped guard. He whispered to Abrioxiell as he passed," Your tentacles are so cool!" Uroq spring-boarded off of a petrified mushroom, somersaulted, and spun mid-air to strike at the gelatinous cube around where the guard was closest. Creenyukooru and Auryon began to hail arrows down on the cubes. Abrioxiell sent a blast of ice to slow the cubes as he sent his skeleton minions in to free the guard. They succeeded, but one of the skeletons and Uroq were swallowed up by the cubes.

During this, the civilian deep gnomes were fleeing and guards were approaching. The steady stream of people slowed Jimjar and Buppido, but Eldeth managed to shoot through the crowd and hit a cube. The guard that was just freed from the cube turned around and stabbed it. The gelatinous cube shuddered before it lost its cohesiveness and collapsed into a puddle. Aramil raised his hand and cast a spell. Everyone disappeared.

Alcyce cast faerie magic to outline everyone in a purple light. Her voice cried to her companions to strike while we have the advantage. Uroq threw his sword at the gelatinous cube. As it sank into the monster, he cast a spell. The sword burned a bright red, sizzling the goo around it. Uroq then shouted," Auryon, you’re hair is so glossy it shines through the faerie magic!" Auryon, bolstered by the compliment, shot at the cube with Rue. Abrioxiell again used a blast of ice to slow the enemy and sent his minions to finish it off.

Rue swooped down and bottled some goo while Alcyce shouted the all-clear. Eldeth walked up to Alcyce and patted her shoulder in a patronizing way. Alcyce commented that Eldeth must be tall for a dwarf to reach her shoulder.

The guard who had been captured by the gelatinous cubes approached the group. He introduced himself as Mev. He gave a wary look at the skeletons and took a step away from where they stood. Mev told the group that this was not the first time. The oozes of the dark kept slipping through cracks into the city to wreak destruction. Auryon muttered something about Spackle. Aramil asked the guard why oozes would attack? A disembodied voice spoke," I can tell you why." It was Glabagool. Mev was shocked. He looked around at the group," He is sentient? And friendly?" The adventurers nodded confirmation.

Glabagool’s voice spoke in their minds," There is a call to this city. I can feel it originating from the way the gelatinous cubes came from." Uroq asked Glabagool if he was OK. Glabagool replied," Yes. There is a sinisterness to the call I am sure my less developed brothers would not mind." Glabagool was asked if he wanted to go, but Glabagool responded that he would like to stay with Uroq. Alcyce looked at the collapsed tunnel that the oozes came from. She turned back to the group and suggested that they restock before heading out.

While the group was selling their found treasures and buying equipment, Rue snuck over to Auryon and looked into her bag. Inside was a cloak that allows wall-climbing, web immunity, and casting a web. Concerned, Rue told Alcyce about his find. Alcyce asked Rue if he looked through her own things too. Rue look puzzled and said," No, why? You are my friend."

Jimjar returned from talking with the citizens and guards. He sighed," People are tolerant of our group being here, but everyone is worried with the attacks. Everyone might feel less… edgy if we went to see the Diggermattocks." Alcyce replied," We killed monsters that would have killed them. Isn’t that enough? But very well. Let’s go see these Diggermattocks." The group agreed.

They headed west, through what looked like a temple. There were barricades blocking steel doors. Two dozen deep gnomes walked around the large cavern they entered. Stone tables covered in papers were arranged around a dais. On the dais was two opposing desks. At each sat a deep gnome, one female and one male. Around the desks were advisers, whispering in guttural voices to the two seated gnomes. When they noticed the newcomers, the whispering choked off.

Alcyce and Jimjar stepped forward. Alcyce spoke first," Blessings of Eilistraee." The sitting, female deep gnome continued signing the papers in front of her. Alcyce, confused by the disregarding gnome, continued. “We- uh… don’t mean any harm or-” The female gnome did not look up when she demanded," Why are you here?" Alcyce explained how the group seeks a way to return to the surface but found that Blingdenstone has a monster problem. The female gnome looked up. She stood and walked over to Jimjar. The advisers grab their sword hilts.

The female gnome looks Jimjar over. “Are you okay?” Jimjar nodded. The female gnome looked sharply around the group before asking Jimjar," Are they holding you hostage? Controlling you?" Jimjar protested," No!" He waved his hands. “My friends helped me escape the drow prison.” The male gnome spoke," Why did you bring them here?" Jimjar wrung his hands," I know, I know, but my friends! They saved my life! Plus I owe some money…" Alcyce interjected," Our group only wants to reach the surface and maybe provide assistance if it desired. We can tell that something is drawing monsters in, and we can locate the source."

The female deep gnome looked at Alcyce and then the elf and half-elves of the group. “The drow is with you?” A moment of silence. Uroq replied," She means no harm and speaks the truth. We would be glad to help but we wish to return to the surface." Abrioxiell quietly cast mage hand to make Uroq’s cape flutter. Uroq noticed and posed as the non-existance air made the cape flap behind him. A ray of light shines down from above, bestowing a halo of light around Uroq. Eldeth rushed forward and started grabbing at the ends of his cape.

The whole room stared. Auryon fell to her knees and covered her face. The male gnome approached the group as well. “You mean us no harm. I believe you. You saved Mev from an ooze. You can… stop that now.” He looked over to where Eldeth was still attempting to snatch at the cape. She was whispering to Uroq," Your cape was moving! MOVING. On its own. It was moving by itself!" The male gnome turned back to the group as a whole. “We thank you for the offer. For centuries we have been terrorized by monsters. We are just starting to take back out dear Blingdenstone. What you see that we have settled is less than a fourth of the city. You are right. Something draws them here” The make gnome addressed Uroq," If you can bring us worthy information, we would be grateful. I must ask, how did you tame this gelatinous cube?"

Uroq shrugged. “He is a smart cube?” The gnome persisted," But how did you befriend it?" Uroq looked at the Glabagool," We bonded through battles together." Glabagool spoke up," He is the first person I met. He is my friend." The female gnome’s brows knit together," But isn’t it odd when there is a foul magic drawing monsters that you find the same type of monster that is also drawn here?" Alcyce shook her head. “It’s okay though. We had our illithid read its mind and he says Glabagool is OK.” Abrioxiell found some anxiety in being the verification when most did not trust him. The male gnome only threw up his hands in exasperation.

The male gnome continued," If you can get to the northwest passages and find out what is going on, it would help. We can discuss your need to return to the surface when you return." Alcyce protested that Blingdenstone should provide the rations for the endeavor. The advisers and two deep gnomes quickly discussed and agreed. The gnomes produced a map and indicated what was generally found in each of the areas. As they talked, Rue saw the first of his hallucinations from being stuck underground.

The Moaning Forest - Session 1
In which the party gets lost in the woods, beats up some ladies, and gets a new clubhouse

At the halfling village of Turnfield, the Daytime Group was approached at the tavern by Lady Min Noble, a young noblewoman seeking a cure for her ailing daughter, Minnie. She claimed to have tired every possible treatment and now sought help from a lost temple in the Moaning Forest. Reiko Shadowclae, a new acquiatnce of the party, and Bree determined that the girl’s illness had no natural cause.

Despite warnings from the barkeep and a lack of a map, our intrepid adventurers set forth into the creepy forest following what they suspected were the footprints of the half-orc Grizza’s, whom they believed to have absconded with the map.

During the first day of travel, Sullivan decided to collect and consume some interesting specimens of flora which had dubious and varied effects. Luckily Bree and Reiko were on hand to dispense cures. From then on, Sullivan began collecting bits of every deadly mushroom he could find, and adding them all to a special vial containing flammable oil.

Our intrepid adventurers also discovered some goblin footprints but decided to continue tracking the larger, singular humanoid ones.

The adventurers made camp, setting the fire well away from the group, and leaving the sick girl in the cart. Truetongue the bard regaled the group with stories and solicited more info from the desperate mother. The party learned that woman’s husband had also succumbed to a similar wasting illness.

It rained through the night, but the well prepared companions were only slightly damp. Unfortunately, all the footprints they were following had disappeared in the rain storm. Reiko, using her ranger skills, determined that no large creatures had passed through the area, but that some smaller ones had. After more special mushroom foraging, the group continued schlepping through the forest.

Towards evening, the group came upon a ramshackle hut and were greeted enthusiastically by a young girl. The girl was excited to see a some visitors and eagerly called for her mothers. The party was invited to eat dinner and stay the night. For some reason, the party was suspicious of the family of three women (Myra, Glyra, and Fyra) living alone in a haunted forest and welcoming strangers, so were hesitant to partake of their hospitality. Reiko, in fact, stayed outside with the sick girl and her mother and kept watch while the rest entered the hut.

Inside, the party noticed some stairs, a table with benches, a trapdoor, and in the corner a pot of bubbling stew. Myra offered up the “bear” stew, but the party was quite skeptical regarding the nature of the meat. While Sully and Truetongue distracted Myra, Glyra and Fyra; Bob and Bree explored the upstairs room—only to find three beds and a rag doll. Bree did not find anything of a magical nature upstairs.

Bob and Bree snuck back downstairs. Meanwhile Sully had secretly spiked the stew with his strange mushroom. While the rest of the party pretended to consume the stew, Reiko makes a salve for the sick girl who was steadily getting worse outside, exposed to the elements.

The ladies of the house were the only ones to consume the stew. The “youngest” immediately passed out, while the “mothers” started nodding off. Truetongue tied them up in elven rope and Bob netted them. After situating their clients on the second floor loft, the group then made their way to the trapdoor and ventured into the basement. There they found a long, dark hallway with hanging meat hooks and tables lining the sides.


They found a pendant on one of the tables, which Sully immediately smashed. They heard a horrendous shrieking upstairs and found that their hostesses had turned into hags, the pendant having been part of he glamour that made them appear human. Bob stayed downstairs, but Bree, Truetongue, Sully and Reiko headed back upstairs to deal with the shrieking. Despite Truetongue blowing up the stew pot and getting the contents all over everyone, Sully subdued the blinded hags with his whip, while Reiko gave the adult hags the coup de grace. Bree placed a magic sphere around Glyra, the daughter hag.

Heading back downstairs, the group discovered that Bob has fallen in a deep pit. Bob offered to share some of the treasure he found in the pit for a hand up. Truetongue and Bob got into a skill war but eventually came to a truce. While Bree checked the treasure for magical resonance, Reiko burned the hags’ bodies, and Sully decided to roll the magic sphere containing Glyra to the pit downstairs, where he promptly exploded it. Glyra, in a last act of spite, threw lightning in his face.

Our intrepid adventurers, after a bit of clean-up, decided the hut ouldl make a decent clubhouse—-ignoring the fact that it is in the middle of a dark and dangerous forest. Bree was prevailed upon to set up some magical fortifications around the house.

Out of the Abyss, Session 7
"Ugh... It's Jimjar"

The group traveled for a couple weeks through grottoes and underground rivers and caves that never seemed to end. After yet another long march, they made camp on a rocky shore.

They agreed upon each of them taking a watch in pairs. Before it was time to break camp, it was discovered that both Derendil and Khazrak were not on watch. Uroq woke first and alerted the rest. Alcyce followed their tracks to a dead-end that was actually a concealed enterance. Uroq strode in through to the other room, followed by Rue.

Inside was a mess of religious writings and in the middle of a circle of symbols was their dead comrades. Rue checked the bodies as Alcyce ensured that no one else was around. Abrioxiell swept over to the body of Derendil and raised the head to his tentacled mouth.
The first thing Abrioxiell noticed was that the brain was abnormal. Abrioxiell was pulled into Derendil’s last memory…

Derendil was on watch. A sound echoes in the darkness. It sounds like an animal scratching. He follows the sounds to the hidden room. There is a pile of yummy, dead rats. He walks forward, eager to eat some before a thought brings him short. Rats would not be yummy to an elven prince. A violent pain hits the back of his neck. A vivid last thought overtakes him in the last second. “I guess they are delicious, and I can stop making up elf stories.”

Abrioxiell sweeps over to Khazrak and also eats his brain. This one is normal.

Khazrak sees Derendil walk over to the wall and follows him into the hidden room. As he walks into the room, there is an overwhelming compulsion to stab Derendil. He approaches Derendil from behind. Derendil doesn’t notice as he stares down at the empty floor.

Abrioxiell told the group that Khazrak killed Derendil and then he died. Abrioxiell suggested that the group gets out of there. As the group began to exit, Eldeth yelled that something was incoming. Running feet echoed through the chamber. The group drew together and readied their weapons. A half-elf burst from the darkness and skidded to a stop in front of the adventurers. Behind him was an angry hook horror.
Abrioxiell summoned a pit of tentacles that wrapped the hook horror. Uroq shouts," Hold on Glab!" and teleported Glabagool and Abrioxiell’s skeletons inside of him to on top of the monster.

Auryon turned to the newcomer," What brings you to the underdark?" She nocked an arrow into her bow as she spoke. The newcomer shrugged. “Just in the area. Walked into a bad neighborhood.”

Buppido fired at the hook horror but hit Glab. Buppido loudly apologized. Turvey walked out of the passageway, indifferent to the scene. The hook horror started dissolving in the goo, pulled and beaten by tentacles. Rue turned and threw a metal ball at the newcomer. It exploded into bands that bound him. Alcyce approached the bound elf and inquired," Seriously, though. Why are you here?" Glab swirled around the hook horror, pulled back so the head was free. A skeleton swung its weapon and struck its neck. Uroq took the opportunity and shot two precise arrows into the back of it’s neck. The head popped off with a squishy sound.

Alcyce snatched the flying head out of the air. She held the head up like a lantern of death in one hand and a shining sword in the other. In a calm voice, she demanded to know who the man was. Rue flew to the captured newcomer and sat on him, considering the man. Abrioxiell drew closer and read the man’s mind.

Hope this bird doesn’t crap on me.

Abrioxiell’s laugh echoed through the minds of the party.

The half-elf addressed Alcyce," My name is Aramil. I come from the surface looking for proof of the drow/orc allegiance. My master, Obi-Tu, and I were separated while following the orcs. I have been wandering since."

Alcyce tossed the head aside and sheathed her sword. “Could you lead us back the way you came?” Aramil shook his head. Alcyce sighed. Abrioxiell sensed that Aramil was irritated by the criticism and slightly afraid of birds.

Rue and Alcyce ask Abrioxiell if he trusts Aramil to not be a threat. Abrioxiell confirmed and Rue released the magic bands binding Aramil. Aramil asked if they had run into his mentor. The group said no, but if they found him on the way, they would help. Aramil promised to facilitate the group’s escape to the surface if they find his mentor.

It is at this point that Serith and Turvey decided to part ways with the group. Everyone was happy to see the last of Serith, but Auryon expressed concern about Turvey leaving. After some quiet discussion, Turvey turned and left down the same tunnel as Serith. Alcyce shouted after them," May Eilistraee protect you!" Down the tunnel they heard Serith respond with a expletive.

The remaining adventurers gathered their things and continued to Blingdenstone. As they approached the city, an earth elemental rose from the darkness. Ahead of them swarmed deep gnome guards. Alcyce stepped forward and declared," We come with peaceful intentions!"

The guards did not seem convinced.

Jimjar came to the front of the group and started jabbering loudly," It’s me! It’s me! These are my friends! They mean you no harm. I’ll pay you if I’m wrong! My friends! The things… these guys! Broke me out of a drow prison! It’s cool." Alcyce put her arm around Jimjar and smiled winningly. The guards relaxed their stances and began to wander off, muttering," Ugh… It’s Jimjar."

The head guard waved them on towards the gate. He looked over the group. “I know you guys don’t mean any harm, but what in Callarduran’s name made you think to try taming a gelatinous cube?” Alcyce raised her eyebrows and replied," Not try. " Jimjar started waving his hand and saying," Jeri, I know what you are thinking. He’s not with Pudding King. He’s not going to attack. Say ‘hi’ Glab!"

" HELLO. "

Everyone but the adventurers jumped in surprise. Jimjar continued," I know! Intelligent. He fights, keeps the skeletons for us, he’s good!" The guards warily eyed Glabagool before they affirmed that it may enter. The group started to file forward when Abrioxiell was barred from entering. Alcyce asked Abrioxiell how he would like to proceed. Rue rushed to in front of Abrioxiell and waved his head under the tentacles. “No danger, see?” After being reassured by Jimjar that Abrioxiell was safe, the guards let all of them pass.

They carefully walked through a tunnel with spiked walls, arrow slits, and constant guard surveillance. They exited into a reception hall. Jimjar rubbed his hands together and asked what the group what to do now. A loud chorus of “Get to the surface!” rang through the hall. Aramil inquired what routes were available to the surface. Jimjar responded that many of the deep gnomes’ trade routes passed near the surface. Blingdenstone has never had a ruling family, but if it had, it would be the Diggermattoc clan. The group would be best off asking for their aide.

Out of the Abyss, Session 6
Are You My Mummy?


Demogorgan approached the town.

The group quickly left it.

They grabbed a few of the boats and paddled as fast as they could. The skeletons formed a raft for Glabagool to float on while one skeleton held on to a boat. The group quickly noticed that a stranger had boarded with them.

Khazrak barely introduced himself when 3 demons attacked the boats. As the group jumped into action, someone yelled," What are these manta rays with fangs?" Another voice replied an unintelligible shout that sounded like “Shawns”.

Several members jumped towards the monsters to fight, Rue moved a fainted Auryon out of danger, and Glabagool floated over to and encapsulated a Shawn. Abrioxiell cast a ray of sickness upon the demons as his skeletons hacked them to pieces. The last Shawn, trapped inside of the gelatinous cube, was approached by Uroq. Uroq strummed his instrument and sang of the hideous visage that the Shawn presented and mocked how it need not fight because its looks alone could kill. The Shawn died of shame and embarrassment.

The group again talked of where to go next. Sarith insisted on Neverlight Grove. Khazrak tried to use his rank as high-level military drow to order Khazrak to follow the group. Sarith sneered at an officer, alone and having abandoned the military, trying to give him orders. Alcyce called for peace, but Khazrak drew his blade to fight anyways. Khazrak placed a powerful kick to Sarith’s chest, which made Sarith fly backwards and fall into the black waters of the lake. Sarith was helped back into the boat and found that he didn’t mind going to Blingdenstone first after all.

7 uneventful days passed. On the 8th, the group hit yet another dead end. This one looked strange though. From beneath the waters rose a sarcophagus. A mummy crawls from it and onto the boat. Khazrak jumped to the boat with the mummy on it, only to slip on its wrappings and smack into it. Eldeth and Buppido managed to inflict a small amount of damage. Abrioxiell began to laugh and the the mummy simultaneously fell prone, laughing as well. Auryon raised a glowing sword, healing her teammates and bathing her in light. Glabagool managed to swipe at the mummy. Uroq shouted from the far boat that the mummy’s bad breath is bad enough from far away that he’s happy to be on the farthest spot from it. And that the mummy was ugly. Also, that Khazrak was cool. Sarith shot the mummy and then Rue dealt a devastating sneak attack from behind. Alcyce blessed those around the mummy. Khazrak placed the final blow that ended the mummy.

Abe ate the brains, and Uroq took a crown, Alcyce took a mug, and Rue took a shiney necklace from the sarcophagus.

Out of the Abyss, Session 5
Demons in the Dark


The group headed again towards Sloobludop, city of the Kuo-toa. At a junction where another tunnel joined with their own, Auryon and Turvey ran towards the group to rejoin. The two of them were covered in mud and looked to be in poor shape.

Alcyce asked if Auryon brought any eldritch monsters too. Auryon says no, they killed them; also, Anton got peed on and is probably dead. Uroq asked who peed on him. Rue butted in and asked if they had ran into drow and were being followed as well. Auryon shook her head and told the group that they had only run into ghosts.

Uroq then introduced Glabagool, the sentient gelatinous cube. He gave the short version of Glabagool’s story, and then explained his brilliant idea to teleport Glabagool with Abroxial’s skeletons inside. Auryon asks if he is our “shield”. Uroq shrugged, “90% of our relationship has been him shielding us… so yes.” Abroxial, a short distance away, muttered quietly about hurting the cube’s feelings.

During the conversation, Alcyce walked over to Turvey. Concerned at his silence, she asked if he was okay. He didn’t reply. She lay a sympathetic hand on his shoulder and gave her condolences. He jerked away and swiped at her with a dagger. Alcyce shouted, “Eilistraee can comfort you!” to back of the staggering Turvey as he walked away.

The group broke camp and walked on. Serith shouted to the group that they neared Sloobludop. Alcyce continued her attempts to convert him as if he hadn’t just yelled in her ear. She did stop when a party of eight Kuo-toa approached from ahead. She let out a giggle at the prospect of converting an easily-influenced city of people.

The Kuo-toa Monitor pointed at the group and blurbled. Uroq shouted “Danger” and started singing to Alcyce. The Monitor attacked Creenyukooru. Alcyce cast ensnaring vines and attacked the Monitor. The others attacked, and a net, some bolts, and a fishy finger flew through the air. Abroxial cast a strange spell that seemed to have no effect. Uroq and Glabagool disappeared and reappeared on top of the rearguard of the Kuo-toa. The Kuo-toa froze in confusion. Uroq stuck his head out from behind Glabagool and sang, “Prince Derendil! You are so handsome… inside! But not so much outside! Prince Der-en-dil!” Auryon finished off the Monitor Kuo-toa and the one next to it with an arrow each. Rue spotted a distracted Kuo-toa and shot through its throat, breaking its spine and giving it a brief itchy throat before it collapsed. Abroxial hurled a spell at a blue Kuo-toa, who turned more blue. The others continued to wear down the enemy’s health. Turvey made two quick shots, one splitting the shaft of the other down the middle, and straight through the heart of the Kuo-toa warrior. Buppido finished off the last combatant. The bodies were searched and nothing of great value is found. Creenyukooru stashed the net and the pinching staff the Monitor carried. Abroxial zombified four of the Kuo-toa and resurrected two of them as skeletons.

The group rested.

Another party of Kuo-toa approached the adventuring group. After a translation spell was cast, it was established that the new group was not interested in conflict. He was Archpriest Ploopploopeen of Blibdoolpoolp, the Sea Mother, and leader of Sloobludop. He believed the party was an answer to his prayers, and would reward the group for any help.

The Archpriest glanced at the fallen Kuo-toa and the fresh zombies before continuing, “You have killed some of us, but they would attack anyone. We are from different sides. There is infighting; a schism exists between my people. My people worship the Sea Mother, as our tradition. My own daughter Bloppblippoodd has raised a new religion, calling herself Archpriestess of Deep Father. My people are split. This new cult must be crushed.” He looked at the zombies again. “We will overlook the fact you created zombies from our dead as well if you help.”

Uroq stepped forward, “So you want us to kill your daughter?”

Ploopploopeen’s bulbous eyes wandered to meet his gaze. “Not kill, just capture her. But if it can’t be avoided, then for the greater good you may. My people must follow me under Sea Mother. You will be captured if you enter. I want to ‘catch’ you and then ‘gift’ you to my daughter’s cult. You can infiltrate them from there. While you distract them, my loyal followers can overthrow them.”

Alcyce gave him a shrewd look, “What do you mean ‘gift’?”

“Sacrifices as is customary.” He quickly added, “But you will still have your weapons and they would not suspect anything. After all, we are the great race of Kuo-toa and you are… troops from hell.” His eyes swiveled from Creenyukooru’s bright plumage to Abroxial’s tentacles over to Glabagool’s slimey mass.

Alcyce inquired about the god’s following. Ploopploopeen disdainfully says that eleven citizens follow the Deep Father, the demonic Leemooggoogoon. Both Alcyce and Uroq are struck by the severe familiarity of the name, but the memory of where they heard it was just out of reach. Uroq comments on the familiarity before asking about what the reward for helping is.
Alcyce loudly suggested passage to the surface would be appreciated. Ploopploopeen tells them that they can safely travel to anywhere they wish from his city.

The adventurers gathered a distance away to discuss the options. Alcyce commented on how Kuo-toa are known for being crazy and hostile and defensive, but not attacking strangers on-sight. The group decided that Rue would fly and sneak in, Glabagool, skeletons, and Uroq would go a distance away and sneak in, and the rest would be escorted in by Ploopploopeen.

All of the group got inside as planned. As the main group walked in, the villagers grumbled or whispered reverently. Ploopploopeen’s son Gloopliglod intercepted the group and protested the need for outsiders. Ploopploopeen hushed him as he led the group to the Deep Father temple square.

In the square was an icon. A large effigy of what had to be the Deep Father, Leemooggoogoon. A manta ray was stretched and staked to an altar. Two dead octupodes lay on top and were artfully tied, pinned, and painted with red and blue paint. The stench of decaying fish polluted the air around the blood soaked square. Ploopploopeen approached a female Kuo-toa.

“It is time we acknowledge the greatness of your Leemooggoogoon. Please accept our gifts!”

Bloppblippoodd nodded. “Very wise of you, father. We accept this offering. They will be next.”

She stepped aside to reveal a beaten-up grey gnome. The Kuo-toas of opposite factions mixed into one swirling mass of cheering and parading fanatics. Gloopliglod shouts over the noise to begin sacrificing. The mob of Kuo-toas grabbed the group and lead them to where they had just slain the screaming gnome. Its blood drained down the altar’s steps through a grate to lapping lake water.

The archpriestess turned to address the crowd. Her father drove a hidden dagger into her chest. Mayhem ensued. The group of adventurers prepared to fight the hysterical mob but noticed that those who were in the shallows were flailing or falling under the water. Bloody foam spraying up from the water’s waves. Demons emerged from under the surface and attacked the Kuo-toa closest. From on top of the primitive effigy, the archpriestess shouted, “Leemooggoogoon!” Her body fell limp.

The water far away from shore bubbled and foamed.

Tentacles broke the surface. They writhed around the emerging heads. Two baboon heads with curved tusks roared as waterfalls of runoff water streamed down its body. Uroq and Alcyce then knew why the name sounded so familiar. That was Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons, Lord of Darkness, a deity of chaos and destruction who rivaled Orcus.

And he was headed towards the town.


The Secret Sits II: Out of Time
Liches love phylacteries!


The party looked on at infernal clock at their feet. They had deciphered all the runes and drawn them accordingly around the magical device but still had no clue how to manipulate or destroy the clock, their memories still obscured. Again they scoured their minds and slowly recalled the last hours they had experienced…

  • * *

Born moved past the still weeping man-cleric Bree, and walked back into the hall of secrets deep within the tomb of horrors. The other party members tried to comfort Bree, his mother having died of extreme old age only moments before.

Born ran his hands along a long northern hallway and, like Duchess, noticed several scratch marks as if something heavy had once shouldered it way through. Born saw ahead a small staircase leading up to a large wooden door, and to his right a smaller stone door with three small slots etched into it. Born recognized the door would, like other machinations of Acerak, require weapons to be placed into the stone slot to move. He slipped the stone hammer he found in the mirror room, in one slot and two javelins in the others. Instantly the weapons broke into dust and the door opened. Born explored this smaller passage way and turned a corner. There was another door, and a strange mist seemed to emanate from it’s side. Born felt sleep pull over him and quickly ran back into the main hallway. He called for Berensir and the She-elf appeared moments later.

Berensir detected danger from the misty sealed door and instead decided to help Born open the larger door at the top of the stairway down the main hall. They came face to face with a huge stone mammoth on rollers. Born pushed on the gargantuan stone figure and triggered a trap. The mammoth rolled forward, the party was able jump out of the way except for Bree who would have been killed if Born had not thrown the cleric out of the way, taking the full impact of the mammoth. Born was plowed over and the mammoth trap continued to roll down the hall until it fell into one of the pit traps the party had previously found.

Born lay dying while Bree administered to his wounds.

Meanwhile Berensir opened the smokey door, not fearing the effect and was pummeled by a sleeping gas trap. The elf resisted it’s effects and the party was able to escape down the scratched hallway until the gas dissapated. After an hour of waiting and a short rest, the party went back to the hallway. They seemed to be again trapped until Born found a small crawlspace in the scratched hallway and led the party further down into the tomb.

At this time Valya awoke. She found herself in a prison of stone with no discernible way out. How long had she been unconscious? She only remembered leaning against a wall in the entrance to the tomb and then instantly falling backwards. Carved into the wall in front of her were three stone switches. 70 feet above her she saw a tiled ceiling that matched the floor she stood on. Using her immovable rod she carefully manipulated each switch into the downward position and instantly the floor fell away to a spike pit some 70 feet below her. Valya hung onto her rod for dear life. Her ferret had a minor heart attack.

The party shimmied it’s way through the narrow crawlspace ever downward until it opened up into a normal sized hallway again. A small set of stairs led downwards. Born, ever the vanguard, moved ahead and opened a door he found at the bottom. He peered round the corner to see a huge throne room, ornate jewel encrusted pillars towered up to the high ceiling some 60 feet up. Signs of an ancient battle were present everywhere, rotting bones and destroyed weapons littered the floor and on a dais at the front of the room sat a lich on a throne, sleeping and holding a scepter in one hand and a crown in another.

“Acerak” Born whispered to the others.

Berensir crept closer and then heard something quite different, far off in the distance. Valya, calling for help. Berensir stealthed through the the throne room, careful not to awaken the sleeping lich and found a door on the far wall. She quietly opened the door and crept forward, Valya’s calls sounded louder. Berensir came into another room, an armory of sorts, one with runes carved into the floor and mounted swords and shields on the walls. The elf could make no sense of the runes but could tell they had no direct magical danger in them. She quickly made her way across the armory to another door and past more runes. There she found a fountain room with a large goblin face spouting water. Valya’s quiet voiced echoed from behind it. The fountain head’s mouth was large enough for Berensir to crawl up through but the possible effects of that action weighed heavy on her. Valya again called out and Berensir took a breath and entered the goblin head’s mouth.

Meanwhile Born grew tired of waiting and kicked open the door the whole way, “ACERAK!” he yelled and slammed his hammer into one of the pillars. Instantly the lich awoke and screamed before vanishing. Born’s body floated to the ceiling and four wraiths appeared from the walls to attack, the other party members ran into the room to assist Born, but Bree found she too was suddenly floating to the ceiling. Having died earlier in Acerak’s dungeon she now suffered many of the same effects of her friends and knew somehow..something was still not right within her.

With Berensir seeking Valya, this left only Duchess to fend off the wraiths. The spectral form of Mull appeared out from a wall. His eyes glowing red, the distinct essence of Orcus seemed to surround his mangled body. “Worms!” Mull screamed at the wraiths, “this body serves Orcus completely now and the infernal clock will be his!” Mull charged the other wraiths while Duchess held two more at bay.

Meanwhile Berensir made her way through a labrynth of crawlspaces until she kicked open some flooring and spied Valya far below, still hanging on for dear life and calling for help. The elf had no rope but called down to her friend. With some insanely skilled backflips Valya eventually shambled her way up to Berensir, constantly using the staff of unmoving to anchor herself in space. Berensir helped her friend up into the crawlspace in the ceiling and after a somewhat awkward reunion, they shimmied their way back to the fountain room.

In the throne room Born looked around wildly and noticed several goblin faces with menacing open mouths lined the upper walls, and with every second Born was slowly floating towards one of them. Bree bumped up against him and grasped desperately at the minotaur but to no avail, the cleric was sucked into the green goblin mouth and disappeared. Born quickly tied a rope to a javelin and threw it down into the ground anchoring himself temporarily.

Below the minotaur, Duchess took hit after hit from the Wraiths while Mull ripped two more of them down with his new necromantic powers. Mull then turned to Duchess and aimed his crossbow at the dragonborn. “YOU, you were there. You’ll die with them!”

Berensir and Valya pulled themselves from the fountain head, very wet but otherwise fine. They slowly approached the runes on the floor, eager to join the others but cautious of what dangers may lay in wait, for no room in the tomb was what it seemed. Valya deciphered the runes and sighed, they read:

“I sit on the face of time eternal and watch you make your way. Shall you dally here a while until your hair turns grey? Or shall you pay the blood debt and enter back into the fray?”

“What’s the blood debt?” Valya asked Berensir.
“We can’t wait here forever to find out. We’re needed.” Berensir replied and stepped forward. Instantly the swords and shields mounted on the walls of the armory came to life and surrounded Berensir dancing through the air, and striking at her flesh.

Bree found himself naked again, on top of the tomb’s skull entrance. He knew instantly the few items he had salvaged had once again been magically teleported to Acerak’s inner crypt. “Damnit!” he yelled and waited.

Born cast a thorn spell down onto the wraiths attacking Duchess below but it did little damage. He then turned and pushed one of his javelins through the green goblin’s mouth that Bree had disappeared through.

On the other end Bree knew the deal and grabbed it. Born pulled on the spear and Bree was partially pulled back through. An attacking wraith, on the throne room floor, took notice and slashed at Born’s anchor rope, in an instant both Born and Bree were back on the hilltop. The portal way now closed. Each naked male looked at each other awkwardly….it was weird.

Mull shot bolt after bolt at Duchess but the paladin dodged them easily, while fearing her wraith attackers with her holy symbols.

Meanwhile Berensir valiantly fought through the flying swords and with Valya’s help destroyed one after another, shattering them into thousands of pieces in mid-air.

Outside the tomb Born nodded to Bree, the two knew they would have to run back inside, making their way through the labyrinth to reach their friends. Born shifted into horse form and Bree jumped on his back; with a whinny the two raced back into the tomb, smashing through hallways and taking a lot of damage.

Berensir shot the last flying sword and raced forward with Valya to aid Duchess. Just at that moment Bree and Born charged into the room, naked and bloody but alive. Bree jumped off Born’s back and Born, in horse form, charged Mull, knocking the possessed pawn of Orcus into a pillar – that instantly sent him floating to the ceiling. Mull struggled to clutch at something but within seconds was sucked out through the goblin’s mouth and disappeared.
Bree and Valya struck at one of the wraiths with spells and weapons. While Born and Duchess attacked the other. Soon both phantasms were destroyed.

“I think a rest is in order”. Duchess gasped, trying to catch her breath. As the party took a short break Bree and Born investigated the rest of the room. On the walls of the throne room they saw frescoes of Acerak enslaving all the races. And one in particular painting, was the wheel of Law encircling the Infernal clock. Born studied the throne where the lich had sat and saw his crown and scepter were still there. Near the throne was a wooden sarcophagus.

The scepter held a golden orb on one end and silver tip on the other. Valya picked up the crown and said, “See Born, it looks great on you” She placed the crown on Born’s head. Born tried to remove it and found it wouldn’t budge. The others found a few simple weapons, scraps of cloth and armor pieces to gird themselves with, though they missed their gear desperately. Only Valya had retained her items of power.

Berensir opened the wooden sarcophagus and saw a mummified human. Bree sensed the corpse wasn’t Acerak. And Valya saw two jewels had been placed on the mummy’s eyes. One ruby and one blue diamond. Berensir pocketed the ruby and Bree took the blue diamond. Instantly the mummy slowly moaned and sat up. Without a second’s hesitation Born smashed the mummy’s skull in with the scepter, and it fell back into the sarcophagus again.

“It’s like what a mole, you gotta be quick” Born said.

Bree used her arcana on blue diamond and her eyes widened. They had found a gem of wishing – a very rare and extremely powerful gemstone that would grant one wish only. The party debated for some time on what to wish for. They finally decided to wish for maximum power (in effect giving them max level stats and abilities) a mist swirled round and suddenly exploded, most of the party members were thrown back and when they regained their composure they found they had all been weakened (to level 1 stats).

The jewel was in fact a CURSED gem of wishing. Acerak’s laughter echoed through the chamber.

“We’ll never beat him now, we’ve lost our weapons, our skills, our abilities…we’re dead.” Bree moaned.

“Actually I’m about the same” Born laughed, and tried to pull the crown from his head again, “except for this stupid crown”.

Born turned the scepter round and wedged the silver point under the crown to try and pry the head piece off, instantly he turned to ash. Born was no more.

The party gathered up Born’s ashes. They knew they would have to make the trek out of the tomb again if they were to resurrect their friend. They realized in this case the enchanted pillars could be of use, and stripping themselves of their weapons, clothes and gear, the party floated their way to the goblin mouth and magically outside of the tomb. They placed Born’s ashes on Felabri’s rune and waited.

“We’re running out of time,” Duchess noted. “The tomb will sink and the lich will return. He must have Bob’s amulet by now.”

“We’re still in this timeline though, nothing’s changed yet.” Bree noted, “There’s still hope.” After a few hours passed Born’s body reconstituted and he sat up.

“That’s new.” the minotaur groaned.

The party then debated how best to move forward in such a weakened state. The idea then came to them..Born though cursed by Acerak for dying in the tomb like Bree, was no longer floating, all his other afflictions were gone. By dying he had resurrected at full life, abilities and skill levels (basically the DM had to pull a fast one so the party could finish this adventure).

The party knew what they had to do. They had to die if they wanted to live. And if they died outside of the tomb, Acerak’s curse wouldn’t be on them. One by one, the resurrected Born snapped the necks of each party member and laid their bodies on the rune. Six hours later the party awoke. Free from the gemstone’s curse.

As they rose they saw the giant skull entrance began to sink below the swamp waters. They rushed back within and the skull mouth closed right behind them before it sank into the mire. The party was now trapped in the tomb of horrors.

Within an hour they made it back to their meager gear and redressed. They moved forward into Acerak’s treasure room. There they found a huge pile of gold. A stone sarcophagus, a sealed and smoldering brazier and small copper skull. Berensir and Bree investigated and sensed a fire demon lay in wait within the brazier. They avoided going near it. Though Berensir wanted to pocket some of the gold and investigate the stone sarcophagus the party talked her out of it. Born found a hidden mithril door behind a nearby gargoyle statue and sensed the door itself was sentient. Within the door was skull shaped hole. Bree sensed the copper skull itself was enchanted and dangerous.

Born found another journal entry from the lost party of heroes and gave it to the others. He also sensed a presence in his mind…the spirit of Tsung Kahn. He shared this with no one.

Born and Valya worked together to move the copper skull within the door hole without touching it (using their weapons), and were able to open the door without incident. This led them to another dead end hallway. Berensir spotted a small switch on the floor and Valya sent her ferret to activate it. A spiral staircase in the floor lowered to the depths below.

As Bree moved forward with the party she saw in her mind the words “YOU ARE MINE NOW”, flash and she realized the extent of Acerak’s curse.

“Our souls, Born, we died here, we’ve been afflicted more than the others, because he has a piece of our souls…when we died here, the lich took a piece of our souls!”

The minotuar knew Bree was right. He had felt off since being resurrected, “He’ll have them in a phylactery. Liches love phylacteries. When we face him, we must destroy the damnable things!” he answered.

Again Born heard the whispers of Tsung Kahn in his mind. He had secretly found the warlords journal a day before in the cathedral room, and during rests had read the wisdom on the pages. He knew the party was still weak but if he saw a chance to gain the upper hand against Acerak, against any of his foes…Born knew he had to take it.

The party made their way down the spiral staircase into a roughly hewn stone room. Born found another marking in the small chamber on the floor. One that would fit a skull. With some effort the party retrieved the copper skull and placed into the floor hole. They were able to turn the skull correctly and the way forward slid open. Bree immediately sensed Acerak’s real presence was very close.

The party made their way into another chamber with anterooms of treasure. Born and Duchess investigated them but sensed a great evil lie on the piles of gold and jewels, and decided not to touch them.

Berensir moved the party forward into the final large chamber. It was not well adorned or bejeweled. It was simply hewn from stone and at the end of was a wooden coffin. A jade skull rested on top of it. Bree reached out with her mind towards skull and suddenly the skull rose into the air and a construct of Acerak formed around it.

“You dare enter my tomb! Steal from me what is mine! I have already beaten you, I already OWN YOU!” The lich’s voice echoed into their minds. “I have the amulet, I have the clock, and soon my full form will return. I will snuff you from existence and bend the Wheel of Law to MY will! Time to DIE!”

Acerak’s form multiplied and four grand liches now encircled the party. Bree was lifted from the ground by Acerak’s power and thrown back into the passageway. Acerak then turned and blasted Born into a wall with a fierball.

Valya ran up to the grand lich and slammed her staff into his side. Acerak was caught off guard and stumbled back. Two of Acerak’s wraith appeared from the shadows and tackled Bree but he deftly dodged their assault. Berensir shot at the Lich over and over, each time an arrow destroyed one of the lich’s copies until only the true Acerak remained.

Duchess struck at the lich and landed one blow after another while Born, who lacked all weapons, grabbed the coffin and threw it at the lich. The wooden sarcophagus passed through Acerak and it shattered behind. him.

“It’s not in there! Find the phylacteries!” Born yelled to the others.

Berensir spotted two glass skulls hanging from Acerak’s belt and knew those had to be their target. She shot two arrows into Acerak’s side and the belt fell to his feet.

“No!’ screamed the lich.

Meanwhile Duchess turned to help Bree in the hallway. Using her holy symbol she feared both wraiths away from Bree and Bree rushed forward to join the others. Using mage hand Bree grasped the belt with the phylacteries but Acerak instantly countered with his own mage hand spell.

The belt hovered in the air between the two magic users but the Lich’s power was greater and the belt with the skull phylacteries flew into Acerak’s bone grasp. Born grappled the lich from behind while Berensir let two arrows fly into Acerak’s side. Bree pummeled him with magic missles until the lich dropped the belt again.

Berensir jumped for the fallen belt of phylacteries but Acerak opened a dimensional portal moving the belt 20 feet away. Valya used the only tool she had, her staff of unmoving, and flung at it belt smashing though one of phylacteries and pinning the belt to the far wall.

“NO!” the lich again screamed and turned to attack Valya.

Meanwhile Duchess fought off one of the dark wraiths but the other moved past her and in several fast slashes, cut down Bree from behind. Bree once again lay dying. With a quick swipe of her weapon Duchess finished one wraith and flung herself at the other, standing over her fallen comrade.

Acerak cast cloud kill on the party as he shifted about the room, desperately trying to reach his remaining phylactery, he could drain the soul within to restore himself. He shifted towards the defiant Valya, who stood in his way and the lich cast the most powerful spell he knew, finger of death. Valya waited for the pain to come but the spell fizzled.

“Too Weak!” the lich construct screamed as Berensir shot a perfectly timed arrow into the remaining skull phylactery. The glass skull shattered and Acerak’s construct fell apart. Only the floating jade skull of the construct remained.

“You’ve only killed a piece of me. I will return and I WILL FIND YOU! I have the amulet! I will find a way!” the lich screamed through the jade skull.

The skull began to slowly spin as green rays shot out from it’s eyes. Bree, feeling strangely at peace, knew her soul had been restored. Born also felt whole again. The party looked away as the skull exploded in a flash of green light and suddenly the heroes felt themselves falling…until they knew no more.

The party looked at each other in the pit. That was how they’d come to be there. The journey had been long, lives had been changed or lost entirely, and the lich’s control over the temple had been shattered, but still they had lost. They had fought, bled and died for nothing.

“We never got the amulet” Duchess sighed as she watched Bree nurse her wounds, “We’re trapped and the damn lich will still break through into our world.”

“No..we have the clues..we can remember the clues, we still have them all..we haven’t lost anything” Valya beamed.

“She’s right,” Bree noted, “We’re sitting on the infernal clock, even without Bob’s amulet I can make it work..with my bloodline I can manipulate it.”

The party poured over the notes and slowly movement by movement, they pushed the one hand of the clock face to point at each drawn rune.

“One more movement” Bree said as she slowly moved the clock hand one final time.

And in that instant Born saw his chance. Rushing up to the clock hand, he pushed Bree aside and slammed the clock hand into it’s final position..

“Born wait!” Bree screamed but it was too late. Time itself shifted. Like the World storm before it, realities intermingled and time went backwards.

The party’s gear was restored. Their bodies were restored, Felabri was restored to her home and most importantly, Bob’s amulet was no longer in Acerak’s control. Light and space warped around them….and time was altered permanently. The infernal clock cracked and exploded….and the party..

Found themselves on the speeding wagon racing through the box canyon. Honest Bob manned the back ballista as the rest of the party members held on and directed the horses. Born saw his brother Vital once again chasing them on horseback, surrounded by his men also in pursuit.

“I’ll get the archway, we’ll block em’ off!” Bob shouted to the others. He fired but the missile missed and the party was surrounded by Vital and his men within seconds. Vital raised his hand and shattered the wagon. WIth a word he flattened the party to the ground.

The party struggled against Vital’s magic to no avail, they couldn’t move. Vital got off his mount and walked over to Princess Corvyre.

“You’ve caused me enough trouble Princess.” Vital said and grabbed her by the throat and snapped her neck in an instant. Her body crumpled to the ground.

“And you…heroes,” Vital snickered, “know you’ve done me a great favor. A boon I will repay by letting you live. You all did what I could not. By destroying the Lich’s clock you stopped the one true adversary my master faced, and allowed me time to find the way to the wheel’s location and the door that readies to open.”

One of Vital’s men walked forward with a bound Benegrin. The gnome spat at Vital, “I’ll never help open the way for Orcus!”, Benegrin kicked but was instantly gagged and pulled back.

Vital laughed, “Orcus? That worm? No..the wheel of law will spin, the war will continue and doorway WILL open, but it will open for this world’s true ruler, BAPHOMET!” Vital walked up to Bob and ripped the amulet from his throat.

“Such a little thing..but still this could be useful.” the sorcerer then waved his hand and a portal opened. His men entered with their gear, horses and a bound Benegrin. Before Vital stepped through he turned to Born, “Come and find me brother, come and find me when you’re ready!”

Vital disappeared through and the portal was gone. Instantly the party could move again. Born kicked furiously at the dirt, “Vital!” he screamed. The others looked to the fallen princess.

“I must carry my sister home,” Duchess said and gently lifted the princess in her arms, “Prince Ottman should at least know, perhaps somehow he can still end this war.”

The party slowly moved out of the box canyon and over a rise to see…a thousand bloodthirsty warriors stand at attention. Their warlord leader, turned to face the party, it was none other than Tsung Kahn – restored and ripped from the past. The warlod yelled to his army, “Bow To your new Kahn! Born! Kahn!”

Born’s eyes widened, the warlord approached him. "You’ve ripped us from the past, from our fates, you heeded my words and now you, Born are our leader. Tsung removed his headdress and placed it onto Born’s head and then bowed. Below them spread across the valley, a thousand savage warriors chanted in unison, BORN KAHN! BORN KAHN! BORN KAHN!

A dark smile spread across Born’s face.

The party stared at the minotaur and knew despite all that had been restored, Born was different…whether that change was for the better or the worse, only time would tell.

Out of the Abyss, Session 4
Politely Gelatin


The escaped prisoners were pausing after defeating the horrible umberhulk that ambushed them. As a disoriented Uroq exclaimed “What is going on?”, the weakened cave collapsed, leaving Anton, Auryon, Topsy and Turvy stranded on the opposite side of a cave-in. The heroes could not tell if their companions had survived.

Inside the cave of the monster sat Uroq. He asked the skeletons who they were. He was answered by Alcyce, who informed him that they were minions of Abroxiel. The group told Uroq of their escaping down dark tunnels and Uroq shared his tale of how he found them again.

He told a disjointed story about statues and fighting and a slimy temple filled with many treasures. He was interrupted by an ooze dripping in great globs from a gaping crack in the ceiling. It gathered into a gelatinous cube. It greeted Uroq in a cheery, telepathic voice. Uroq shared his surprise and introduced Glabagoo of the Oozing Temple. Glabagoo politely asked if anyone was going to “eat that”. Before anyone could tell what it meant, it moved towards the corpse of the umberhulk. Alcyce and Abroxiel rushed to escape its path. Alcyce stepped closer and questioned it.

Her first question was about if it had siblings. It responded that it does not understand “siblings” but there were many like itself inside the temple. Alcyce then asked how far the temple was from where they currently were. Glabagoo could not tell specific distances ir measurements. Between Uroq and Glabagoo, it was discerned that it was only 20 minutes away, but not easy to travel. Uroq added that the temple was full of enemy gelatinous cubes. The next question was how did the gelatinous cube gain its sentience and telepathy.

The cube pondered. It explained how it was gradual. Slowly realizing that it had self. Thoughts. Interest. There were others like itself, but they did not think or speak. They had been there for a long, long time. Glabagoo remembered that its first clear memory was of what it was eating. It remembered that the drow looked like Alcyce.

After debating, a look into the bag of food Uroq had, and a bit of math, it was decided that the gelatinous cube could join the group. The group continued at a normal speed and foraged for food. Both Uroq and Alcyce found glowing moss that maintained its glow even when crushed to powder.

Six hours in to their travel, four drow scouts caught up to the single-file line. The group’s first warning was Glabagoo, at the end of the single-file line, saying “Hello there!”

The first drow ran into Glabagoo and was burned. The other drow blindly attack. Creenyukooru and Jimjar disappeared. Uroq began to sing but stopped to make racist slurs against drow. Alcyce smacked Uroq. Uroq began singing again. The majority of the group prepared to attack, waiting for Glabagoo to move enough to avoid getting hurt.

One drow died. Its body moved through Glabagoo to Abroxiel so that he may take the brain. The drow made a feeble attempt at return fire. Alcyce shot a holy arrow that took the life of another drow. Jimjar suddenly appeared and deafened a drow. In an astoundingly effective move, Glabagoo through its mass in a spiral around the tunnel, sweeping the third drow off his feet and killing him in one move. The last drow paled and ran.

Alcyce acted quickly. She dashed towards the drow. A foot away from running into Glabagoo, she dissolved into mist and reformed, rapier first, just behind the fleeing drow. The point missed its mark. Uroq was faintly heard far behind, shouting encouragements. Alcyce kept pace with the other drow and struck his back with a fatal blow.

Half of the group began running away. Glabagoo recommended that the others do the same. Uroq hesitated, then told Glabagoo that they couldn’t leave without Alcyce. As he said this, Alcyce teleported to right next to him. Assured that their whole group would be able to continue together, Uroq teleported Abroxiel’s skeletons who were inside of Glabagoo, and Glabagoo itself, far ahead. Abroxiel shoved one of the dead bodies into his tiny bag.

A crossbow bolt whizzed through the air. Everyone still there could see Asha Vandree, Jorlyn Duskryn, Shoor Vandree, and what could be presumed as the new junior priestess step over the drow Alcyce had killed. The rest of the group sprinted down the tunnel to escape the newcomers. Creenyukooru sped through the air towards the oncoming enemies and threw an improvised molitov cocktail in the space ahead of the drow. He shot the Priestess and hit her in the arm as he shouted “Follow us no more!”

He doubled back to the group as the wrathful drow glared through a wall of flames.


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